15 Car-Inspired Baby Names That May Surprise You

Cars are an obsession for many people. Whether it be classic retro cars, hot rods, trucks, European cars or all of the above, these four-wheeled toys are in a category all their own.

Not only have cars become a hobby that both men and women are passionate about, but they are even stars of television shows and movies. Disney/Pixar’s Cars and Cars 2 were such hits that Disneyland decided to expand the park with Cars Land, a new attraction that brings the world of Radiator Springs to California.

Alright, so you love cars — but would you ever consider naming your baby after a vehicle?

Believe it or not, cars offer quite a few choices in the name department. Some are sure to surprise you. This is a list of my own personal favorites.


Avanti – Studebaker makes this sports coupe. It’s a pretty name for a girl too.

Cavalier – I met a woman named Cavalier several years back. I’m not sure whether she was named after the Chevrolet vehicle, but that was the first thing that came to mind when I heard her name.

Cheyenne – Although it is the name of another Chevrolet vehicle, Cheyenne is also a name of Native American origin. You may also recognize it from the show Reba (her eldest daughter’s name was Cheyenne).

Cooper – Did you know that the Mini Cooper is one of my favorite vehicles? True story!

Bentley – Like the car itself, this name is rich and handsome.

Jetta – It’s cheerful isn’t it? Happy and full of energy – that’s what comes to mind when I hear the name Jetta. You could go both ways with this name too, shortening it to Jet if you prefer.

Kia – This well-known line of vehicles has a pretty adorable name to boot!

Lancia – It’s a pretty one! This Italian automobile manufacturer produces a more luxurious alternative to the Fiat. Using the letters of the Greek alphabet as names for some of their cars is another one of their trademarks.

Lincoln – My cousin named her son Lincoln and I’ve actually noticed that the name seems to be gaining popularity. Not only is it the same name as the USA’s 16th president, it is also the one of America’s top selling luxury automobile brands.

Lexus – As the luxury division of Japanese automaker Toyota, the brand is certainly a popular one among the elite. Although I have never personally met a person named Lexus, it would certainly be a unique name! You could also shorten it to Lexie.

Mercedes – As long as you don’t add Benz to the end, this one is quite pretty. The name is actually of Spanish origin, and many famous people hold the same name.

Ranger – Yes a Ranger may be a smaller truck, but the name definitely brings adventure and outdoor fun to mind. It is of French origin and means ‘Outdoor Guardian’.

Savana – GMC uses a different spelling than most, but this name is quite popular among girls although many prefer to spell it Savannah.

Porsche (Portia is another variant)  – It’s sleek, it’s sporty and it’s a girl’s name that is quite popular in Hollywood.

Zephyr – Oh how I love this car! The Lincoln-Zephyr was originally introduced in 1935 as a 1936 model and is a beaut!

So, what do you think? Would you consider naming one of your children after a car?

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