How to Take Beautiful Portraits of Your Baby

Every parent wants to catch every single important moment in their children’s lives. Most of the time, it would be ideal to be able to hire a photographer to capture the big milestones that our kids reach.

I got lucky with a super talented photographer who I also call “Mom.” Most aren’t that lucky and can’t spare the extras bucks for a photographer every month like some can. Which is okay. If I didn’t have my mom, I would be in that same boat too.

Never fear! Today I am going to share with you a few tips on how to take your own portraits of your baby.

  • What You Need

    What You Need

    I used a crate, an old blanket, and a chalkboard. Make sure the spot you use is light and airy but also shaded. Natural light is the best way to capture a clear photo. These are all things that most could find in their home. If you are taking portraits for a specific holiday of course you would use more decorative props.

  • Strike a Pose!

    Strike a Pose!

    I used my crate as a seat for Baylor along with his “13 Months” chalkboard. We take these photos every month.

  • Get Eye Level With Your Subject

    Get Eye Level With Your Subject

    I had to borrow my sweet friend, Synclaire, for this one. If you have a toddler, you know that getting them to sit still is a tough job! Baylor wasn’t feeling it for the blanket portraits.

  • Off Center Your Lens

    Off Center Your Lens

    This is a little trick I learned. If you off center you lens your photo immediately looks fancier.

  • Watch In Disbelief..

    Watch In Disbelief..

    As your kid runs away from your props. This one can’t sit still!

Run your photos through a photo editing site or program. Sharpen them and fix the odds and ends. Then share with the world how awesome you rocked taking your own photos of baby!

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