An Easy, Adorable Gift Using Baby’s Handprints

Who doesn’t love a tiny baby’s handprints in an art project?

This is a wonderful creative gift for you to do with your baby that anyone will love, especially in the fall season!

Supplies you will need:

  • construction paper
  • a marker
  • tempera paint: colors orange, yellow and white

First, take the paintbrush and paint the three colors of paint on your child’s hand. If you have a tiny baby, use their foot instead!

Second, press their hand on the construction paper and hold down for a few seconds. Then carefully pull it off. I always have wipes nearby to wipe off the extra paint. (Tempera paint is a great choice to use with kids; acrylic paint does not come out of clothing.)

Lastly write your child’s name, date and age on the side of the candycorn print. Add a sweet note if you are giving the art to a relative for the holidays. Make sure to leave a “border” in case you want to frame the creation!

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