Can Moms Really Wear Heels?

I make no apologies that I love fashion, clothes, shoes, and almost all things pretty and womanly. I feel best when I feel put together, which doesn’t always mean a fancy dress and a fully coiffed head of hair. For me, it could simply mean a light dusting of makeup, a pretty top knot, and a cute, but casual outfit. That casual outfit needs to be comfortable and functional, and it 99% of the time involves flat shoes of some sort. But lately, my feet have been craving something a bit less functional, and a bit more fancy.

I love shoes so much that I belong to ShoeMint, a monthly shoe subscription service where you can opt to get charged the same monthly service fee, and order a pair of shoes if you find a pair you like, or “skip” the month if you don’t see anything you love. I had a couple of credits in my account, and so when the company was having an incredible 50% off 4th of July sale last week, I decided to use up my credits. I made a vow to myself though, to not buy another pair of flat sandals or shoes. For years, before I had kids, I wore nothing but heels and the only pair of flats I owned were my flip-flops, designated for beach days and weekend grocery shopping. But since becoming a mother, I can count on one hand the amount of heels I’ve bought for myself; only 2 in fact. And I’ve probably only worn heels less than a dozen times in the last year. But I miss the way I feel in heels, the way they elongate my legs, the way they instantly transform an outfit. But heels are not practical for us moms, right?


When ordering 2 new pairs of shoes – which were both less than $30(!) – I stayed within somewhat practical limits and ordered high heeled wedges, which would allow me to walk with relative ease but still give me the elevation I miss and long for, especially on date nights and for work events. When they arrived in the mail, I instantly fell in love and walked around the house in them for an hour, before my husband stopped and asked me where I was going. Apparently, these days, you have to be going somewhere to wear heels.

I took them off, but they were calling to me, which of course sounds silly, but I wanted to wear those pretty new wedges so badly. The next day, I threw on a simple sundress and added the wedges, and walked out the door. I was only taking a quick trip to my parents’ house and then running to the grocery story, but I felt fantastic while I was doing those simple errands.

I posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, “As a Mom, I feel a little ridiculous walking around in wedge heels on a Tuesday, but as a woman I feel fantastic. Choosing to focus on fantastic rather than ridiculous.” Friends on Instagram applauded my brazen fashion choice, but also admitted that they too feel silly running errands, as a mom, in heels. A couple even admitted that they love to wear heels, but just can’t find themselves feeling brave enough to pull it off.

And it got me thinking, is it really ridiculous to walk around in any sort of heels, as a mom of young children? If so, why? Who’s putting these restrictions on us? Ourselves, or do others comments and looks make us feel insecure and silly? Are we dressing for ourselves, or for other people? While I’ll admit that wedge heels are not the most practical choice for every moment of my “mom” life — park dates and riding lessons in particular come to mind — there are plenty of moments in this mom life I lead, where wedge heels wouldn’t be wholly ridiculous.

So while I can’t wear my pretty new wedges every single day of my life as a mom, I’m making a promise to ignore my inner “practical mom voice” and go bold, wearing my wedges more often and to more places, both with and without the kids. I want to feel fantastic as much as I can, and if a silly pair of shoes helps me get there, then why not? And you should too.

So do you ever wear heels, as a mom, or do you feel ridiculous in them too? Do you long to get more dressed up, but feel self-conscious doing so? Share in the comments!

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