5 Clever Baby Products That Make Our Lives Easier

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and sending me the Bumkins items shown in the slideshow below for free.

If you’re a parent, then you’re probably familiar with Bumkins baby gear, but now they have even more fun products thanks to a great collaboration with Disney Baby.

We’ve already been fans of Bumkins products around these parts, but after getting to try out a few new items from the Bumkins + Disney Baby collection, we now have even more favorites. I also let my daughter pick out all the fun prints for the items we got, which made her even more excited to use them.

So many of these items make our lives easier (and better)!

Here are our top picks.

  • Reusable Snack Bags

    These reusable snack bags are by far my favorite Bumkins product right now. Every parent of a toddler knows that snacks are a sanity saver, and not having those plastic disposable lunch bags leak all over your bag definitely contributes to a happy sane state. Also, they’re much better for the environment, because they can be washed and reused – a very important bonus!

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  • Snacking on-the-go!

    Snacking on-the-go!

    This meltdown-free shopping trip was brought to you courtesy of Bumkins reusable snack bags and raisins.

  • Super Bibs

    The super bib is probably one of Bumkins products that is already on your radar and I am a definite fan. Toddlers are notorious for not being the biggest fans of bibs, but when they have their favorite Disney characters on them, the struggle disappears. They’re also super easy to wash with soap and water, thus avoiding yet another load of laundry that cloth bibs require. If you’re anything like me (i.e. you loathe laundry), that will be the only selling point you need. Oh…and that pocket catches crumbs like a dream!

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  • Meal time!

    Meal time!

    This Ariel bib is the current favorite in Fern’s rotation. This is the smile she gave me when I asked if this was her favorite bib.

  • Sleeved Bib

    These full sleeve bibs are brilliant, I tell you…BRILLIANT! Made of the same easy wipe-and-go material as Bumkins’ Super Bibs, but with extra coverage for messy eaters/players who really want to do everything all by themselves.

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  • Art time!

    Art time!

    We use these long sleeve bibs as art smocks even when my daughter is just coloring with crayons and there’s no paint in sight. Never underestimate the mess potential of a toddler with a washable crayon. But, as great as these are for staying mess-free during art projects, I totally use them at meal time too, because my girl is super messy and I don’t always feel like stripping her down to eat.

  • Wet/Dry Bag

    Most people buy wet bags or wet/dry bags to keep things mess-free when they are cloth diaper users, but that’s not their only purpose! I love my wet/dry bag for a variety of other things. I keep changes of clothes in the dry pocket and can put wet clothes from accidents or swimming trips in the wet pocket. It keeps things tidy and wonderful and they’re great for potty training and you could definitely fit multiple changes of clothes in it.

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  • Going swimming!

    Going swimming!

    We still haven’t taken on potty training full-force, so for now, our favorite use for the wet/dry bag is Monday swim time. Fern loves the Ariel print, since she likes to pretend she’s a mermaid too when she swims.

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