Bubbles Make Any Moment Magical… Anywhere!

Here’s my odd mom confession: I always have a small bottle of bubbles tucked away in the diaper bag or car whenever I leave the house. For just $3 a bottle, it’s a mommy life hack that doesn’t break the bank. And if it spills? No worries – it basically cleans itself! It’s the best $3 I’ve ever spent just to watch Judah’s face light up.

It’s no wonder then that his favorite word is “bubble.”

The beauty of bubbles is that they can turn any ordinary moment with your little one into a magical moment.

Judah is no stranger to bubbles. When he was still a little little, we used to go to a developmental playgroup where the group leader ended playtime with her bubble machine. Judah was fascinated by the cascade of bubbles that fell around him.


Since his first birthday, a bottle of bubbles has become a staple in our house. We had given out bubbles as party favors and had a few bottles left. One night at bathtime, I opened up a bottle and blew a couple of bubbles at him.

His face lit up and he started giggling and splashing – he loved it! “Bubbles?” I offered.

“BUBBLE!” he replied with delight. Judah was hooked. We now keep a small bottle of bubbles IN the bathroom just for bathtime.

I blow bubbles around the house: in the den during playtime or sometimes just to shake up the meal time routine. We blow bubbles in his nursery, on the stairs, in front of the AC units. And of course, we keep a bottle in the diaper bag for bubbles on the go.

We even bought a small battery-powered bubble wand with a tiny foam fan. Well it’s not as powerful as the ball machine from his place, it’s still showers him with plenty of bubbles when we turn on.

Every time, Judah giggles and squeals, claps his hands and shouts: “BUBBLE!”

And it’s totally worth it, every time.

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