7 Favorite Brother-Sister Matching Moments

I was one of those women who swore up and down that I would never be “that mom.” You know…the one that dresses her kids in matching outfits. And then I had my second child, and it was all over. I mean…have you seen how cute two tiny people in coordinating outfits looks? The level of adorable is kind of unreal. And thus, I’ve totally become “that mom” and I’m not even the teensiest bit sorry about it, because it’s cute.

  • Future Alumni

    Future Alumni

    OK, so this one isn’t exactly a matching moment, but I had to include this photo of them each wearing this vintage baby t-shirt that belonged to my husband. The crazy thing is, my son is 2 months old in this picture and my daughter was 7 months, and they’re pretty much the same size!

  • Jeans + Tees

    Jeans + Tees

    There is a no more classic look than jeans and a t-shirt, and when it’s in baby size, it’s even better.

  • Nautical Inspiration

    Nautical Inspiration

    Matching doesn’t always have to be blatant. At a glance, these outfits appear to be different enough, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice that both of my littles are wearing anchors. A little nod to the nautical trend.

  • Tribal Prints + Black

    Tribal Prints + Black

    The same cozy black shirts paired with tribal print leggings = a match made in brother/sister matching heaven.

  • Stripes on Stripes

    Stripes on Stripes

    Because we love a good stripe.

  • A Disney Moment

    A Disney Moment

    This isn’t technically matching, but they’re both sporting their best Disney ensembles (Queen Elsa and Baby Woody) so I consider it outfit coordination in my book.

  • Bitty Beanies

    Bitty Beanies

    Fact: There is little in this world that is quite as cute as tiny hats for kids.

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