Our Wild Trip to the Local Safari

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go on an adventure to a local safari with some of our friends. All together, we took five toddlers! The kids loved it, and the adults may have liked it a little too! Baylor wasn’t sure about some of the animals but in the end had a fun time interacting with them.

Here is a recap of our trip to Gone Wild Safari.

  • Crazy Ostrich

    Crazy Ostrich

    Neither one of us were real sure about this big guy poking his head through the window at us!

  • Up-Close and Personal

    Up-Close and Personal

    This water buffalo, Thelma, liked to get up close to get fed. Baylor was amazed at her tongue. Haha! He kept sticking his tongue out at her.

  • Hey!


    Bay loved this giraffe! He was running up and down the fence yelling, “Hey!”

  • A Fun Day

    A Fun Day

    It was hot hot hot, but we had lots of fun. Baylor was so intrigued by all of the different types of animals, and getting to feed them was so cool! We can’t wait to go back again.

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