Brilliant DIY Idea: Make Your Own Baby Gate

Beck loves going up the stairs but still needs to be watched carefully as he isn’t quite spatially aware yet (i.e. he doesn’t understand that objects have an edge). To prevent him ascending when we prefer he didn’t, we place a chair in front of the stairs. One of the things that has been holding me back from purchasing a gate is the fact that there are very few that aren’t an eyesore, so I was excited to come across this tutorial for a cute homemade baby gate.


By sawing an old door in half and adding some paint and hinges, Brooke created this attractive baby gate that fits right into a charming house. You could paint it in any color and it wouldn’t be difficult for adults to figure out how to open it. Sometimes that baby proofing stuff is practically adult proof too.

You can find detailed instructions for the gate right here.

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