Bouncing Back After Baby

I gave birth to sweet Margot Joan just 6 days ago. This being my third baby, it seems like it’s taking me longer to bounce back to my pre-pregnancy self. Despite the leftover aches and pains from labor and the new parent sleeplessness, I’m trying my hardest to slowly ease back into my normal routine. Obviously, going from 2 kids to 3 is a pretty big transition, but here are a few tips I’ve learned for bouncing back after baby…

  1. Take it slow. Although you may feel ready to get out and about on Day 1, remember this is a special time. Take it slowly and soak up as much of that new baby goodness as you can. Babies don’t keep! So all of that other stuff can wait.
  2. Utilize help. If friends and family offer to help out with meals or cleaning or even caring for your older children, take them up on it. Now is not the time to be proud or do it all yourself! If you need help, now’s the time to ask. People will be more than willing, I promise.
  3. Open the windows. This time of year is great for having a new baby, because springtime weather is glorious! Even if you spend the first few days cooped up at home, opening the windows can make a HUGE difference. Everyone (even your new baby) loves a little fresh air!
  4. Put on real clothes when you’re ready. Today is the first day since giving birth that I’ve actually worn real clothes instead of PJs or sweatpants. Even though I’m still rocking my maternity jeans, it feels good to have real clothes on. (I even did my hair today!)
  5. Do one outing at a time. The first time you step out into the world can feel intimidating, especially with your first baby. To ease back into running errands and being out and about, take it slow. Do it just one outing at a time. A quick Target run. A drive for a tasty drink. A 20-minute walk on your favorite trail.
  6. Remember that this too, shall pass. So often we get to thinking that things will be like this forever (you know – the aches and pains, the sleepless nights, the engorged breasts, etc.) But I promise you, before you know it, you’ll be rocking this mama gig and will be back to your routine of getting out and being active! The best part about it – now you have a little one to share it all with!
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