Bonding with My Baby Over Breakfast

I have always said that with two kids you have to divvy up your time. Often, I felt that my daughter didn’t get enough attention or that my son felt left out. Of course, not purposely but with a four year age gap, it’s going to happen — they have completely different needs!

My son goes to preschool everyday until 11.45 — not a lot of time, but a few hours that I get to myself and to be alone with Little L. Sometimes we get back from dropping him off and we cuddle on the cozy sofa, play peek-a-boo or just simply sits in my lap playing with whatever she has reached for, most times the remote. We sit in silence, no TV, no nothing just us and the humming of the heat coming through the vents. It’s magical.

We then move on to breakfast, she in her highchair and I at the table. Recently she figured out how to drink from a straw so she has been engrossed with that! In the mornings I tend to have a fruit or green smoothie and she has milk, oatmeal and meal. But today, after making my yummy and super fiberlicous green smoothie, she leaned forward, opened her mouth and motioned for the straw.


“Sure!” I thought, it’s all fruits and veggies in here — so she took a sip and shook her head. She then thought about it and realized that she wanted more so she yelled out and I gave her more. She wanted to take my class, so I quickly got up and poured the green smoothie into a cup with a lid and gave her her own straw.

We did a little cheers and we drank up! It was that simple moment of sharing my green smoothie with my daugther that started my day off right. She was so vibrant, happy and so darn cute drinking from a big girls cup.

I never thought I’d bond with my baby over breakfast, but we did and it was brilliant. It’s those simple moments that you have to recognize and take advantage of.


p.s. in case you are wondering, the smoothie had kale, banana, orange, apple and milk.

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