10 Moms Share How They Bonded with Their Unborn Babies


Bonding with your unborn baby can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a pregnancy. Feeling my baby move and kick is the one thing I miss most about being pregnant.

There are many ways pregnant women go about bonding with their unborn baby, but I’d have to say that rubbing my belly was something I constantly did. In talking with other moms about how they bonded with their baby in utero, I can say that rubbing the belly was a recurring and constant theme. I think it’s just natural to rub your belly when you’re pregnant, and best of all, your baby feels your touch!

Beyond rubbing your pregnant belly, there are quite a few other ways to bond with your unborn baby. Here’s what 10 moms had to say!

Simply Talking
“I would sit in the nursery rocker, listen to lullabies, and just talk to my soon-to-be little one.” – Sommer, blogger, author, and consultant

Playing Music
“[We bonded] through music. I would play a large range of music, from Venezuelan folk to disco to rock en español and everything in between. Four years later, we still bond through song and dance.” – Helena, Pink Guayoyo

Sharing a Love of Books
“The way that we bonded best was reading. I would pull out a picture book and read at night before going to bed. She, in turn, would react by moving and flipping in my belly. This is how I knew she was going to be a lover of books!” – Sili, My Mamihood


Recalling Family History
“I talked to my babies while they were in the womb in Spanish and told them about their Spanish-speaking family members.” – Unknown Mami

Watching TV
“Watching TV very loud. He used to move around a lot whenever he heard Mary Murphy on “So You Think You Can Dance.” When he was born, and we watched the show together he would get really hyper too.” — Pattie, Living Mi Vida Loca

Creating Positive Energy
“I would sit and rub my hands together, visualizing positive energy. Then I would start separating them while still spinning them around (like holding an imaginary ball) continuing to feel the energy between my palms, even though they were separated. I would then take my hands and imaginary positive energy forcefield and rub my belly with it.” – Taryn, social media and networking consultant

Starting Bilingual Learning
“I used to play all my music, movies, etc. in Spanish, so she would have a head start on bilingualism by already being used to the sound and flow of Spanish.” – Chantilly, Bicultural Mom

“Music. Not only did I play music for my daughter, but I also sang to her every day.” – Dayana, mom of one

Taking Long Walks
“I took walks and talked her ears off, all the while rubbing my belly.” – Alba, Independent Mami

Indulging in Tasty Foods
“Eating the food I loved! As a foodie, I had to share my love for food with my babies whom have grown up to have such great palates!” – Nadia, Justice Jonesie

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