Bonding With Baby #2

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and let me tell you: second pregnancies are definitely a little bit different. When I was pregnant with my daughter I thought about her all the time. I read books about pregnancy and fetal development and always knew exactly what was going on in there (at least according to the weekly projections). I also talked about being pregnant all the time and spent my free-time preparing for her arrival by getting her nursery ready and stocking up on baby supplies. This time around? I’m chasing a toddler and so tired that I honestly go the majority of most days not even remembering I’m pregnant. I want to bond with this baby too though. And even though we’re still going to have to get to know one another once he arrives, I don’t want us to feel like complete and total strangers. So, I’m working on being more proactive about bonding with Baby #2 and here are a few things I’m doing…

Bonding With Baby #2

1. Writing letters

When I was pregnant with my daughter I would write her little letters at my blog. Things about what was going on in my pregnancy, things about her development, hopes, dreams…those kinds of things. Nowadays I spend so much time at my computer that I don’t necessarily feel like sitting at it for longer periods of time to type out letter. But, I still love the idea of writing letters to your unborn baby, so I’ve started a little journal where I can hand-write letters to my little guy. I miss writing with pen to paper, so it feels more special and less like work, and hopefully he’ll want to read it one day. It also helps me spend more time consciously thinking about my baby-to-be.

2. Talking and singing

I was never very good about talking and singing to my daughter when I was pregnant, because it made me feel kind of silly. This time around I have a toddler with me, so periodically through the day I invite her to come sit on my lap so we can talk and sing to our baby. It’s a nice way to include her in my pregnancy and help her bond with her baby brother as well as for me.

3. Visualizing

Just stopping to think about this baby is making a difference in the bonding process. Usually this happens at night right before bed. I can rub my belly and just visualize for a moment or two. Think about my little boy and what he will look like or imagine the interactions he’ll have with his big sister. Just taking a moment to visualize this little person helps me feel more connected and excited for his arrival!


What do you do to bond with your baby during pregnancy?

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