5 Birthday Gifts Your One-Year-Old Actually Needs

Each time my boys have a birthday, I always get at least one phone call from an out-of-town friend or relative who wants to know what to get KJ or Bentley for their big day. Obviously there are toys and gifts galore for your little one when they turn one — but what do they actually NEED at that age? What gifts should you really be asking for? I mean, if Aunt Edna is going to call and ask what little Johnny wants, you might as well have a good idea of a necessity as opposed to saying “Oh Edna, whatever you think.” So here are my top necessary gifts for a one-year-old.

Shoes that help them walk easily. I love little moccasins because they are easy to slip on and off, which is great if your babies are like mine and take their shoes off any time you’re in the car. And your baby can easily feel the ground beneath their toes. Plus, they’re adorable!

Diapers! Your kiddo will be in diapers for at least last another year and you’ll definitely need them.

A car seat/booster combo. Your baby will soon grow out of that infant seat and will need a bigger car seat. You might as well get one that grows with your little one and has a booster seat option.


A door jumper. My mom said I totally loved my jumper when I was a baby. She insisted it was the only way she ever got the dishes done. Even if your child is already walking, this jumper will continue to strengthen those little muscles. And the giggles you’ll hear as your baby discovers the fun of jumping will make it worth it.

A potty seat. As much as I don’t advocate pushing potty training too early, I do believe you should have the right products to help you along — and pretty soon, you’ll need a great potty to kick off the no-diaper days. I can’t even count the amount of potties we tried for our little guys before realizing our Jake and the Neverland Pirates potty was the best. Not only does it not leak (which surprisingly happens easily with boys) but it is super easy to clean and it doubles as a perfect-height stool for your little one to stand on when they brush their teeth. Plus, it has a “flush” lever that makes clapping noises to encourage your child during potty training.

Now, instead of Aunt Edna showing up at the party with a scary-looking clown doll or some oversized stuffed animal, you can usher in these ideas for things your baby really does need! Happy Birthday to your little one!

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