10 Exciting Things You’ll Notice as Your Toddler Becomes a Big Kid

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In partnership with Pull-Ups®. Baby’s growing up — and there are definite milestones that he’ll be hitting along the way! Here are a few “firsts” to look for as your little one rounds the corner from toddler to big kid.

1. He’s excited to help clean up or do “chores.” As your baby turns into a big kid, an independent streak will kick in and he’ll want to help Mom and Dad. Take advantage of his willingness to do “chores” and enlist Baby for small jobs. Little ones can put toys into a bin, wipe with a dust cloth, push wet clothes from the washer into the dryer, and help to make a bed.

Older toddlers can help sort silverware into their proper places in a drawer, collect dirty clothes in a laundry basket, or fold small pieces of clothing. Your child’s excitement about wanting to help around the house will wane as they get older, so take advantage of their willingness now!

2. She’s drinking from a cup without a sippy top. You know that Baby’s growing up when she can drink from a cup without dumping most of it in her lap! Help Baby get the grasp of drinking by first offering a Learner Cup with handles. Maybe try offering a straw and see if she can sip. Then graduate to a spoutless Grow-Up Cup before giving Baby a cup without a top to drink from.

3. He gives answers other than “yes” or “no.” Ask Baby a question, and you’ll get a “yes” or “no” answer — but as he moves into big-kid territory, he’ll start expounding a bit more. “Maybe,” “Later,” and “Okay” will work themselves into his vocabulary.

4. She draws you a picture. When Baby was little, if you handed her paper and crayon, these items were more likely to end up in her mouth than as a masterpiece! Soon enough though, you’ll have fridge-worthy art drawn just for you by your budding artist.

5. He tries to properly use a utensil. Hand your baby a fork or spoon and most often it will be used to bang out a rhythm on the high chair tray! As your baby ages, he’ll start to figure out how to properly use utensils to pick up food and deliver it neatly to his mouth.

Naturally at first, this process isn’t very neat at all — so prepare the floor underneath Baby with a drop cloth to minimize clean up for inevitable mess. Provide child-sized utensils that are easy for him to hold.

Also, have Baby practice with foods that stick well to a spoon, like guacamole or pudding. Soft cubes, like ripe melon or cheddar cheese, are easy to stick with a fork. Don’t be concerned if Baby simply holds the utensil in one hand and uses the other hand to eat at first. Eventually, you’ll be able to encourage him to use the fork or spoon completely.


6. She sings along to familiar favorite songs. You’ve been singing all of Baby’s favorites since birth without a lot of reciprocation… but that’s about to change! Soon enough, your big kid will be singing the lyrics independently. Everyone loves to hear how children interpret songs, including incorrect lyrics or nonsensical words. This can be one of the most precious milestones, so have the video running!

7. He gets dressed by himself. Baby might already be helping you dress him by lifting his leg into pants or by sliding his arm out of a sleeve. And many babies are already taking their shoes off the first chance they get!

The next milestone is being able to get dressed or undressed without assistance. Provide clothing that Baby can easily slip off and on, like a t-shirt with a stretchy neckline, elastic waist pants, and tube socks without a heel. 

8. She entertains himself for longer than a few minutes. This is a milestone that all parents appreciate! Finally you don’t have to be the 24/7 entertainment, as your baby will finally be able to play alone longer than a few minutes.

Whether she’s hosting a tea party with Winnie the Pooh, “reading” books, or solving a puzzle, independent play is a big-time milestone to celebrate!

9. He gives unprompted hugs to friends. When asked, many babies will give a hug at goodbye time. As Baby gets older and actually starts to play with friends, you’ll notice he’ll gravitate towards certain friends during play dates. Your big kid will soon be showing his affection with big hugs around his best friend! 

10. She wants to use the potty. You’ll know for sure that Baby’s growing up when she shows interest in using the potty. Have a potty chair that’s just the right size for Baby, decorated with a favorite character to add to the curiosity. Once your little one has mastered the small potty, graduate her to a soft potty seat that fits on top of the big-kid toilet.

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