5 Disney Bibs to Drool Over

Maybe it’s just me, but I have a confession:

I am secretly afraid that my children are the messiest children on the planet.

No, really. It would appear that they are, in fact, bottomless pits, intent on eating me out of house and home. I haven’t measured, but I’m fairly certain that my 21-month-on son actually eats more than me on a daily basis, which I guess does make sense considering how much trouble he also gets into everyday…

But every day, there are 5,000 requests for snacks, and what feels like endless rounds of kitchen duty and clean-up, and then, through it all, there are the crumbs, the trails of sticky fingerprints, the faces that always resist my best attempts at wiping off.

And the crown jewel?

Their clothes, smeared with every last remnant of the food they have just eaten. 

I wish it wasn’t this way, truly I do. But it never seems to fail that whatever meal, snack, or dessert my kids are eating, it will inevitably fall upon their clothing. And in my attempt to rectify my poor mothering ways with baby #4, I am starting early and investing in the one item that I hope will save me in the years to come:


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