The Love of a Great Grandmother

When we first moved back to Miami two years ago, we lived with my grandmother, Bibi. I was pregnant with Isabel at the time, and I remember my grandmother being so excited that she would soon have a great-granddaughter. From the time Isabel (who Liam nicknamed “Nene”) was born, my sweet abuelita was a constant in her life. They would spend time together every day while I stole a nap or played with Liam for a little while. At one point, she was the only one who could get her to fall asleep, by patiently rocking her and singing a lullaby.


I remember one night, Isabel was very sick and as a result she was not sleeping well at night. She would cry constantly, and I was exhausted. Bibi (who is in her 70s by the way) took her from me and told me to go to sleep. She spent all night caring for her – rocking, shushing, walking her all over the house, and singing. When I woke up the next morning, I found them both sound asleep in her bed. I will never forget that, and I think Isabel won’t either.

We don’t live with Bibi anymore, but we still visit at least once a week, and Isabel is always happy to see her. She lights up and reaches for her because she knows how loved she is by this amazing woman. It makes me infinitely happy that they get to share such a special relationship. I don’t know many people who get to even meet their great grandparents, so I think Isabel is a pretty lucky girl. I know Bibi and Nene will always love each other.

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