Better Than a Baby Shower

I’m approaching the final weeks of pregnancy and the time that is typically prime for baby showers. Now, I love baby showers as much as the next mama, but since this is my second child and we already have all the baby gear and a ton of great gender neutral clothes I didn’t really “need” one. Regardless, it’s still nice to celebrate the impending arrival of a new baby and this weekend a couple of my friends teamed up to do just that. They celebrated Baby Clive and I…but it wasn’t with a baby shower. It was even better!

Better Than a Baby Shower

Instead of having a baby shower with games and gifts, they planned a girl’s day out for the three of us and it was so much fun! The day was filled with child-free pampering and relaxation, which was so nice considering life is about to get much busier with a second little one and having some “me time” will be even more difficult to come by.

We started the day off with coffee which is how any great day should begin. Afterward we played with makeup at the mall and went to have our hair done. Then it was dinner and dessert where they had invited other friends to surprise me. And there were a few presents involved too…mostly adorable little outfits for Clive, which I’m sure he’ll appreciate so not all of his clothes end up being hand-me-downs from his big sister.

It was a day that was exactly what I needed and left me feeling recharged and so loved. It was a great alternative to a traditional baby shower – especially for a second-time mama. I would highly recommend giving your pregnant mama friends a girl’s day out. So much fun for all!

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