8 Moms Share: The Best Thing About Having an Only Child Is…

For a while after our daughter was born, we were convinced she was going to be an only child. Despite pressure from friends and family to have another child, we just weren’t sure. After all, we thought, it won’t be so bad if she has no brothers or sisters — plenty of people grow up as an only child! Though we did end up having a second child and our baby girl now has a little brother who she adores, we know that for one reason or another, plenty of families decide to stick with one child.

Here are eight moms sharing what they love about having an only child.

No Drama
“No fighting with siblings and not hearing, ‘Mom, he touched me.’ Also, no hand me downs!” – Teresa Olvera

Cheaper Fun!
“…admission to any kind of attraction is cheaper and they can bring a friend when you get the ‘family 4 pack’.” – Caitlin Madden

More for Her
“I can afford to give her more.” – Jessica Bern


Easier Travel
“We can travel a whole lot more!” – Ana Flores

Imaginative Minds
“No bickering, no having to buy multiple of things to be ‘fair,’ eating out, travel and other entertainment is less expensive, only children are often very good at playing on their own and have great imaginations.” – Melanie Sheridan

It’s Amazing
“‎…the daily reminder that even though life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan, where you end up can be pretty darned amazing. Oh, and we do less laundry! LOL.” – Carrie Ferguson Weir

More Attention
“I have more attention to give to her and her special needs.” – Nancy Nally

Exclusive Love
“He will never have to ‘worry’ that I love his sibling more than I do him, nor will he have to vie for my attention or love.” – Issa Mas

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