10 Touching and Inspirational Dad Quotes


In light of my roundup of the 10 Inspirational Sayings About Babies, I wanted to devote an entire post to the daddies in our lives with a collection of dad quotes. My husband is an incredible man, partner, and father. He lights up when the kids run into our room and devotes as much time as he can to playing and spending time with all of us.

We all appreciate the daddies, papas, and fathers in our lives, and chances are, they don’t hear it as often as they should. With the busyness of the everyday, it’s easy to let compliments and appreciative gestures go by the wayside. I hope that these sayings and quotes inspire and encourage – they are my own personal favorites!

  • Any Man Can Be a Father

    Any Man Can Be a Father

    It really does take someone extra special to be a dad!

  • A Father Is Always

    A Father Is Always

    They grow so fast!

  • A Child Looks Up At The Stars

    A Child Looks Up At The Stars

    This could be used for moms too, I think. I feel the same about my own little ones.

  • The Best Thing a Father Can Do

    The Best Thing a Father Can Do

    Happy Mom, Happy Home ;).

  • A Truly Rich Man

    A Truly Rich Man

    Purely priceless.

  • Men Grow Into Fathers

    Men Grow Into Fathers

    We learn, we grow…

  • A Father's Protection

    A Father's Protection

    Thunderstorms, lightening, scary movies or just a much needed cuddle – no one does it better than dad.

  • The Greatest Gift

    The Greatest Gift

    The greatest gift any parent can give their child.

  • It Is A Wise Father

    It Is A Wise Father

    Simple but so true.

  • A Little Story

    A Little Story

    Heartwarming and powerful.

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