Benjamin at 7 Months

Benjamin is turning 7 months this week, and he’s starting to get to that fun, little-monkey stage. He’s full of personality — belly laughs and smiles abound — and so much more baby-like than he’s been, yet isn’t totally mobile yet.

It’s a sweet spot in the first year, for sure.

Take a peek at Benjamin as he rounds his 7-month milestone:

  • Benjamin at 7 months

    Benjamin at 7 months

    How could you possibly look at that face and not fall in love? Ooph. My heart.

  • The Many Faces of Benjamin

    The Many Faces of Benjamin

    He’s all about the expressions right now — coy and flirty, wide-eyed and curious, infectiously happy, etc. And always — ALWAYS — adorable.

  • Food Adventures

    Food Adventures

    Ben started dabbling in the fine cuisine of solids, which has culminated in a period of constipation and one or two adverse reactions. He’s still in the one-food-at-a-time phase, but he’s almost done with the first round of taste testings.

  • Sleepless Nights

    Sleepless Nights

    Noah was sleeping a full 8 to 11 hours by 7 months, but Benjamin is still up every one or two hours at night. It might be teething — he finally cut his first tooth last week. How does your 7-month-old baby sleep at night?

  • Some Things Haven't Changed...

    Some Things Haven't Changed...

    He’s still very much enamored with his Lion King exersaucer. Because it grows with him, he’s been able to get more use out of his exersaucer than Noah had with his.

  • But He's Not Particular

    But He's Not Particular

    Ben is in this awesome in-between stage: he’s starting to practice his
    mobility, but isn’t able to cause full-on destruction just yet. All he needs is a laundry basket and a good book.

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