Being the Mama of a Daddy’s Girl

My oldest daughter, Adair, is a daddy’s girl. I used to think it was just a phase because when her baby sister was born, she spent lots of extra time with her daddy. But now, her sister is a toddler, and it’s clearly not a phase. Addie is a daddy’s girl to her core. Some days, this makes me a bit sad. I wish I was the one she wanted to comfort her when she was scared or hurt. I wish I was the one she preferred to read her books. Instead, it’s her daddy. Always. Some days though, it’s pretty cool to see their bond. The way they love each other, the way they “get” each other – it’s pretty rare…

  • Daddy's Girl

    Daddy's Girl

    Click through to see why I’m okay with my daughter being a daddy’s girl…

  • Adventure


    Phil has a big heart for adventure. He spends nearly all of his free time exploring the woods, working in the garden, and dreaming about backpacking trips for the whole family. From a young age, he started taking Addie to explore the wilderness and now, it’s her favorite place to be!

  • Play


    Phil has always been willing to play and that’s something she’ll cherish all her life. From doing art to acting like a monkey, she has a blast playing with her best pal.

  • Big Things

    Big Things

    Phil is about the big things in life – memories, dreams, climbing mountains, and seeing the ocean. We are eager to see what she becomes with inspiration like this from such a young age…

  • Celebration


    Phil loves to celebrate everything, big or small. Addie has definitely learned the importance of celebrating every little thing to make life a little bit sweeter.

  • A Love of Reading

    A Love of Reading

    Kids learn by example, that’s for sure. Phil LOVES to read. If he’s not reading a novel or a gardening book, he’s reading to her!

  • Acceptance


    One thing I love about Phil is his love and acceptance. He will truly love Addie no matter who she becomes or what she decides to do with her life. When she is scared, he lets her be scared. When she is nervous, he says it’s okay…

  • A Soft Heart

    A Soft Heart

    Phil has a soft heart. He knows when to be fierce and when to be still. He shows Addie those things each and every day as he loves her.

  • Sense of Wonder

    Sense of Wonder

    Even the smallest things can be marveled at. Phil has taught Addie to be amazed at everything. From worms on the sidewalk to ants carrying pieces of leaves back to their colony, she finds nature pretty wonderful…

  • All the Love

    All the Love

    More than anything, Phil gives Addie all the love in all the world. There is no greater gift than that.

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