Being A “Yes” Mom

My son is at the age now where he is always into something. I am constantly picking up behind him, chasing after him, and essentially telling him “no no.” It is a fact of life that you begin to come to terms with when you hit the stage of mothering a toddler. If I’m honest, it is my least favorite thing about parenting.


I read something the other day from a mom who was trying to be more of a “yes mom.” Seeing that intrigued me. What is a “yes mom?” Should I try to be more of a “yes mom?”

My days look a lot like me trailing behind Baylor saying, “No you can’t have that!” “No you may not climb on that!” “No, please don’t eat that!” It is a never ending thing. When you get in the groove of saying no it seems that maybe you get a little too comfortable in that pattern. I find myself often saying no to things that could potentially be fun or allow him to use his imagination.

When I saw the “yes mom” title, I thought maybe I should give it a go. While discipline is a very important value of ours, exploration and stimulation is too. I want my son to be able to learn and grow from things. I want to be able to see his imagination work and wonder. I want him to know that it is ok to think of new ways to do things.

I have made it a goal of mine this summer to start saying “yes” to some things. Does that mean that I am going to let him eat some unknown object off of the ground? No. But maybe if he wants to play in sud bucket while I’m washing the car or pull all of the Tupperware out of the drawer to play with, I will let him. I will let him have fun when the time allows it. I will let him explore possibilities instead of constantly shutting him down.

Fellow mamas, are you a “yes mom?”

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