Things No One Tells You About Being a “Boy Mom”

My son was the 6th boy in a row to be born on my husband’s side of the family. It was pretty much fate for us to have a boy. His family doesn’t make girls. It is a trait of his family that we have all come to know and love.


When I was pregnant, I was honestly scared about having a boy. I didn’t know much about being a “boy mom.” I was all glitter and hair bows growing up. I felt really unprepared to mother a boy. And it turned out to be true — I was really unprepared.

There are lots of things that no one told me about being pregnant/being a parent. That is a whole other post though. What I do want to talk about are the things that no one told be about boys.

No one told me that boys can be destructive. Obviously I expected that, but really, there are no bounds to what my son will do. The more dangerous, the more appealing it is to him. His newest thing is climbing onto high surfaces and walking off of them. Like he is walking off of a plank. Subsequently giving me heart palpitations.

No one told me that boys can be gross. Like really gross. He knows right and wrong. He knows, “I shouldn’t pick my nose and then lick my finger,” but he does it anyway. He knows that pulling a dirty diaper off and dragging it across the floor is a big “no-no,” but he does it anyway. He knows that playing with the toilet brush and playing in its filth will make mommy gag, but he does it anyway.

No one told me that boys are bottomless pits. Literally. Bottomless. Pits. They eat everything. I sometimes wonder how far away Baylor is from being so full that he will vomit. He eats that much. I get sick watching him eat so much. I’m really worried for our wallets when he becomes one of those growing teenage boys.

No one told me that having a son means that you are stuck with someone who looks and acts exactly like your husband. Now I never get a break from that guy (my husband)! Ha!

No one told me that I would always perpetually be asked when my husband and I were going to try for a girl. As if having just a boy wasn’t enough.

No one told me how much fun I would have being a mom to a boy. He makes me laugh so much my belly hurts.

Lastly, no one ever told me that the love that I would feel for my son would be crippling. I love him so much that it literally hurts. The bond between a mother and son is something that knows no bounds. The love that I feel when I see my son and my husband together, its mesmerizing.

Now that I am a mama to a boy, I don’t know what it would be like any other way. He has taught me to see life in a whole new light. He has made me a better person. He has taught me so much. I love being a “boy mom.”

Moms of boys, what is your favorite thing about being a “boy mom?”

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