Bee 101: What My 1-Year-Old Is Teaching Me

It’s no secret that parenting children carries a slew of life lessons, but not in the way we’d expect. Sure, we’re gathering knowledge and wisdom with each passing day, but the source of that information can surprisingly come from the last place we’d anticipated: our children. So In the spirit of life lessons, I’ll be spending some time over the next few months cataloging everything I’m learning. From patience to kindness to how to get avocado stains out of rompers, here’s what Bee has been teaching me lately…



It began on a quiet morning. I was prepping a few eggs for the two of us while Bee snacked on cereal at my feet. Out of nowhere, our 8-year-old Yorkshire Russell, Bernie, came barreling around the corner and stole her entire cereal stash in one fell swoop. Bee screamed “Behr-yee!” and ran after him, catching him quicker than either one of us — including Bernie — predicted.

I mentally prepared myself for the meltdown when she realized she wouldn’t be able to release his grip on the cereal. But instead, something else happened:

She slowly knelt in front of him, offered him a soft kiss on the head and patted his back gently. Within moments, Bernie returned the cereal to his rightful owner and the two shared handfuls of cereal together as friends.

It was a beautiful picture of gentleness — of approaching a situation where you may have been wronged and instead of releasing anger or emotional rage, offering a kind hand and an olive branch (or cereal) to share.

That day, when an aggressive email flew into my inbox, I reminded myself of Bee’s actions. So when I had little difficulty drafting a kind, gentle response, I knew sweet Bee had left a lasting impression on me. And secretly, I hoped I’d made her proud.

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