Beck’s Thoughts on Birthday Cake

Sunday was Beck’s first birthday and I couldn’t let the day pass without presenting him with a mini cake. I decided since he would eat so little of it, I would make a cake that my husband and I would actually enjoy so I went with chocolate. Maybe it was too rich of a taste for a little one eating chocolate for his first time. Click through to see what I mean.

  • First Bites

    First Bites

    Within one lick, his face was covered in chocolate.

  • Uncertain


    After about three little bites, he decided he wasn’t so sure he liked it that much.

  • Messy and Mad

    Messy and Mad

    At this point it was all over his hands so he got upset he was so messy.

  • Still Mad

    Still Mad

    He considers going back in but looks at the cake in disgust.

  • Cake Stand

    Cake Stand

    Beck decides to maybe gnawing on the cake stand would be a better choice.

  • Going Back In

    Going Back In

    After a minute, he forgot he was bothered by being messy and tried another bite.

  • Yum!


  • Hooray!


    Success, he liked it so much he clapped.

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