Beck’s First Birthday Party

Beck’s first birthday was on Sunday so the day before we threw a small breakfast party to celebrate our favorite kid. Since I know Beck will have an opinion on future party themes, I decided to stick with a simple 1 theme with a lot of yellow. While I have the tendency to want to go over the top when it comes to parties, I decided to rein myself in so I could enjoy the day more. And I was so happy with how it all turned out. Here are some photos from the big day.

  • Invitation


    I asked my friend Kirsten and she designed this accordion-fold invitation that fit Beck’s personality perfectly. It had a repeat “1” design on the back, so I just folded it and sealed with a sticker to send.

  • Light-Up One

    Light-Up One

    To make the light-up one sign, I followed Jordan’s tutorial and just freehanded the 1 myself on a piece of art board.

  • One Year Old

    One Year Old

    Beck enjoyed the quiche and waffles as much as everybody else.

  • Balloons


    Beck loved pulling at the balloon strings and watching them float back up to the ceiling.

  • One Balloons

    One Balloons

    To add a little more decoration to the balloons, I added paper 1s to the end of the strings.

  • Birthday Hat + Muffin

    Birthday Hat + Muffin

    I made the mini hat but Beck didn’t appreciate it enough to wear it at all. The muffin was his cake for the day. Don’t worry, I let him have real cake on his actual birthday.

  • Clapping


    The photo is blurry but it shows how happy Beck was when everyone was singing happy birthday. He clapped for several minutes afterwards.

  • Favor Bags

    Favor Bags

    Beck’s little face was printed on the favor bags that were stuffed with donuts.

  • Favors


    I think edible favors are the best type so for a breakfast party I chose donuts.

  • Birthday Boy

    Birthday Boy

    Even though it was close to nap time, Beck just scooted around the whole party in glee.

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