Beck at 15 Months

Last week Beck reached 15 months. While the walking milestone is still waiting to be photographed, he’s learning new things daily. One of my favorite parts of being a mom has been watching his personality develop, and watching him figure out new things. I love seeing the magic in his eyes.

Here’s what 15 months looks like:



– Still scooting and resisting walking
– Eats everything we put in front of him and is especially obsessed with cheese; he says “thanks” when we hand it to him
– Likes to answer “no” to every question
– Only kisses with a wide-open mouth, and only hugs if you make an “ahhh” noise to go along with it
– Says about 15 words
– Loves animals, especially cats and dogs
– Points and says “this” at nearly everything
– Has curly locks in the back and a receding hairline in front (ha!)
– Loves pointing out his belly button, nose, mouth, and eyes
– His favorite activity is bouncing on the bed and getting tickled
– Is getting his 2-year molars (what the heck?!)

I love this little boy.

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