Baylor’s Sunday Best

With Easter fast approaching, of course, I am trying to decide what we will all wear for Easter. I took to my Instagram to find some Sunday Best inspiration. What I learned: 1) We love bow ties and moccasins! 2) Baylor is the cutest in bow ties and moccasins! Haha!

  • Leggings and a Cardi

    Leggings and a Cardi

    Look at him! He was so tiny. I could cry.

  • All Buttoned Up

    All Buttoned Up

    I love mixing patterns. As you can tell we hit all aspects of the pattern spectrum here!

  • Cozy and Cute

    Cozy and Cute

    I love a good newsboy hat!

  • Exploring Colors

    Exploring Colors

    I think I’ve shared this one with you guys before but it is too good not to share twice! This color pallet is everything for spring.

  • A Charming Two-Piece Set

    A Charming Two-Piece Set

    I have learned that that it is important to dress a Baylor in comfortable clothes because he loves to move around. Being comfy can still be fashionable! This set screams comfy and stylish.

  • A Pop of Color

    A Pop of Color

    A neutral pallet with a pop of color. So perfect!


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