A Vintage Baseball Birthday Party

Last weekend we were able to celebrate our little guy’s first birthday with all of our family and friend in vintage baseball fashion. I worried that the party would be stressful and I wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy it but it was totally a breeze. We had hotdogs, cracker jacks, and lots of fun! Here are some of our photos from the big day!

  • Vintage Baseball Birthday Party

    Vintage Baseball Birthday Party

    It was so much fun planning this party. I loved the way it all turned out.

  • Smash Cake

    I took on the task of making the cupcakes and smash cake for the party. It was a lot of fun and I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out. Not to mention they tasted fabulous!

    See how to make the perfect smash cake on this tutorial from Disney Baby

  • Popcorn and Treat Bags

    Popcorn and Treat Bags

    Popcorn, roasted peanuts, Cracker Jacks, and glass bottle cokes. Simple details to add to our vintage theme!

  • Baylor Jude

    Baylor Jude

    I did this birthday chalkboard especially for his big day. Hard to believe he has grown so much in a year! So thankful he’s happy and healthy!

  • Coca-Cola and Crates

    Coca-Cola and Crates

    We used old crates to help with decoration. It was a great way to tie in the vintage theme.

  • Batter Up

    Batter Up

    I had some baseball tees made for the party. He was too cute!

  • Cake Smash

    Cake Smash

    Baylor approves of my baking abilities. :)

  • Happy Day

    Happy Day

    Bay’s new favorite phrase is “happy day.” He ran around saying it all day at his birthday party. I have to say, it truly was a happy day!


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