All About Baylor and His First Year

Baylor’s first birthday is drawing near, and I still can’t believe it. I have always said, it is crazy how the 10 months that you are pregnant seem to be the longest, but the moment your baby arrives, life goes by so fast. I will say though, that I soaked up every minute of my first year with him. He has absolutely consumed us, and it has been pure bliss. We never imagined the love that our hearts would feel when our little guy came into our lives.

Here are some photos so you guys can take a look back at our first year with our sweet Baylor.

  • Baylor's Birthday

    Baylor's Birthday

    He was born a whopping 6 lbs., 10 oz. and 19 inches long. Who knew someone so tiny could take up so much of my heart?

  • Sleepy Bay

    Sleepy Bay

    We were so lucky for him to be such a good sleeper from the beginning. He has gone all year with very few nights where he has woken up on his own.

  • 2 Months Old

    2 Months Old

    It was so great when he started staying awake more. My husband was especially excited because he was bursting at the seams to play with him.

  • Baylor Jude

    Baylor Jude

    Baylor was the ONLY name that Shane and I agreed on the whole time we were pregnant. We decided on Baylor Jude when he was born. We both agreed on Baylor and liked the meaning of Jude.

  • Sunshine


    No matter how upset he would get, even as a tiny babe, nothing made him happier then going outside to enjoy the sunshine.

  • Beach Bum

    Beach Bum

    Bay totally loved his first trip to the beach. I don’t think he wanted to leave!

  • Wild Child

    Wild Child

    He has the best personality. At times he is bashful, but most of the time he is all smiles, always laughing, and always making everyone around him laugh.

  • 8 months

    8 months

    Most people don’t believe me when I say, Baylor loves to get dressed up. He is a tiny gentleman.

  • Free Spirit

    Free Spirit

    Bay loves to play in his teepee. It probably one of his most favorite places!

  • Super Baby

    Super Baby

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s SUPER BAYLOR!

  • First Snow

    First Snow

    We live in the south, so snow is really rare here. Baylor got to experience his first snow, and he wasn’t a huge fan of it! He makes a cute snow bunny though.

  • One Year

    One Year

    We are a few days away from his first birthday. We are planning a mega baseball bash for his birthday! I can’t wait to spoil this guy on his big day.

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