Batter Up! Judah’s First Baseball Game

Judah was in for a special treat with his Pop Pop and Nana in town this week. It was made even more special when my husband won two tickets to see the Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park while they were here! I was more than happy for Judah to attend his first baseball game with his Dada and Pop Pop. My father-in-law, Steve, has been talking about taking Judah to his first Sox game since before he was born! All three of them had a fantastic time – even if the Sox lost that night. (We’re all Red Sox fans, so we’re gluttons for punishment.)

Here are highlights from Judah’s first night at the ballpark and some tips on how you can have a great time at the ball game with your toddler in tow.

  • Play Ball!

    Play Ball!

    Judah’s Pop Pop has been ready to take him to his very first Red Sox game since before he was even born – and that wish came true this week!

    Here’s how our toddler had a marvelous time at his first baseball game.

  • No Extra Innings for Judah

    No Extra Innings for Judah

    To make sure we didn’t overtire Judah, we made sure to set a time to leave the game beforehand – 10 p.m. or the bottom of the ninth inning, whichever came first. Red Sox games are notoriously longer than most other teams, and this week’s game was no exception. We met up with them right at 10 p.m., but Judah was already passed out. He’d had quite the night!

  • Don't Forget Baby's Jacket

    Don't Forget Baby's Jacket

    It got a little chilly the night of the game, so I’m glad I packed a little jacket for Judah to keep his arms warm! We also packed an extra set of clothes and his pajamas, too.

  • Give Baby a Place to Recline

    Give Baby a Place to Recline

    As much of a dancing fool as he was, Judah still needed time to just sit or recline during the game. My husband made sure to bring our ultralight stroller; it took up very little space but gave Judah a spot to rest if he needed it during the night.

  • Room to Move and Groove

    Room to Move and Groove

    Judah danced up a storm at the ball game! Every time the stadium played music, Judah was up dancing and bouncing. He clapped and cheered when the crowd did, too. My husband was lucky that he won really good seats that had plenty of room for Judah to move around and take everything in.

  • Bring Baby Friendly Snacks!

    Bring Baby Friendly Snacks!

    While my husband and father-in-law intended to load up Judah on ballpark franks, there wasn’t an easy way to really feed him bites of hot dog. Thankfully, I had packed a few baby food pouches, snacks and a bottle in the diaper bag. My husband did confess: Judah noshed on a chicken finger for a good portion of the game ;)

  • Take Plenty of Pictures!

    Take Plenty of Pictures!

    I’m so glad my husband took as many pictures as he did of Judah at Fenway Park.

    Judah might never remember his first baseball game, but I know it’s a special night my husband and father-in-law won’t forget.

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