Basq for the Holidays (A Sale!)

In the past, my own holiday wish list has seen many requests: new sweaters, warm boots, updated decor — everyday indulgences that I’d never commit to splurging for, always finding an excuse to spend our hard-earned money elsewhere.

Now, as a mother, the tables have turned as my wish list carries just one theme: Rest. Products to pamper, pillows to fluff, slippers to don. It seems my sleep-deprived subconscious is begging for a holiday season that requires nothing more than fresh sheets and a long nap. Surely I’m not alone? The good news is this:

disney basq it's a small world

BASQ Small World products (I’ve praised them before, right here) are 25% from now until Christmas Day with promo code ISW25. The sleep mists, body butters and calming oils are enough to transport any hard-working mama to dreamland in five seconds flat, making this discounted line the perfect gift for the gals in your life.

Besides, show me a mother who doesn’t have sleep at the top of her wish list, and I’ll show you my stretch marks. Happy shopping!

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