11 Irresistible Pictures of Sweet Baby Feet

It’s no secret that I think “happiness is sweet baby feet.” They are just so adorable and “bite-sized” — truly irresistible!

Now with summer in full swing and the current heat wave spreading across the country, babes all over are making the most of the high temps and going barefoot — running in the garden, touching sand at the beach for the first time, at the pool, or cooling off indoors.

Here are a few super sweet summer feet — enjoy!

All images used with permission

  • Feet...just like daddy!

    Mariana says: “Both of my daughters (ages 2 and 7 months) have adorable feet that I love to pieces! They both curl their toes… just like their daddy!”

    Mariana, BelaJuli Photography

  • First dip in water and sand

    A sweet shot of Kaitlyn’s 5-month-old daughter “after we dipped her feet in the water and sand for the first time. Baby feet are so soft and kissable! I just love that my daughter has recently discovered them, now we both get to enjoy them!”

    Kaitlyn, Naturally Chic Life

  • Little L feet

    Little L feet

    My husband jokes that I have more pictures of Little L’s feet than I do of her! My favorite is when she’s napping and her feet are crossed, or when she curls her toes in her sleep. I love laying with her and just biting and kissing each toe.

  • Feet fists

    Feet fists

    All the way from the UK — how adorable are Charlie’s tiny button toes curled into little fists?

  • Sweaty feet!

    Awww, here’s little Sam’s (19 months) sweaty feet after playing outside in the sun — nothing better than kicking off those sandals and cooling those tootsies down!

    Karin, Cafe Bebe

  • Fresh feet

    This is THE first baby feet photo Sarah took of her son — still in the hospital. She says: “I love baby feet because each baby foot holds a story that has yet to be told. A path yet to be walked.”

    Sarah, How I Pinch A Penny

  • Rainbow feet

    Lisa’s picture of her daughter’s precious “rainbow feet” is a sweet tribute “of my 4 month old, Annalise. She is the sweet rainbow baby born after the death of our daughter Miranda in 2011.”

    Lisa, CreativLEI

  • Big feet, little baby!

    Keiko says: “My baby’s feet were one of the first things I noticed about my son when he was born. I remember thinking, ‘They’re so big for such a tiny baby!’ Thankfully he’s growing into them just fine – and they’re still super cute no matter their size!”

    Keiko, Go Team Zoll

  • Expressive feet!

    Amy just had her second baby, and when asked why she loves baby feet, she excitedly responded: “I love Chase’s feet because they’re so expressive. He spreads his toes, he bends them forwards and backwards, he crosses them like a lady, and he lets me nibble on them to my heart’s content.”

    Amy, Baby Nosh

  • Sand between her toes

    So many babes are experiencing the water and sand this summer! Here is Lisa’s little girl with her feet touching the sand for the very first time.
    “I love baby feet because they never disappoint. They are always perfect.”

    Lisa, The Domestic Life Stylist

  • Newborn feet

    “I love baby feet, they are so cute, tiny and beautiful. They are my favourite part of my baby and I love having pictures of them to look back at how small they were. Simply Adorable.”

    Susan, Susan K Mann

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