Baby’s Quirky Happy Little Trait That Leaves Us Smiling

Amani is one happy baby! It’s to be expected when she has three older sisters that are completely smitten by her and will do anything to make her smile. And boy, smile she does! She is always eager to serve up a grin, much to her sisters’ delight. It’s when Amani becomes so overcome with joy that her quirky little trait kicks in.

Hic-cup! Smile, smile. Hic-cup! My silly little girl gets a case of the hiccups every time she becomes happy and excited. It cracks us up leading to even more smiles and hiccups from Amani’s end. It becomes a happy cycle of smiles, hiccups, and laughter. Those little hiccups mean so much more to me. During my pregnancy, she constantly had baby hiccups. She was even a happy baby in the womb! Seeing them roll over into her daily life warms my heart.

What quirky little trait does your baby have?

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