Baby’s First Pigtails and Why They Slay Me


This past week we hit a big milestone in our house — my baby girl’s hair is long enough for teensy baby pigtails! I think this is a fun milestone for any mom of girls, but for me it happens to be extra special sweet for reasons that I’d love to share.

I have the distinct quality of having raised 3 boys before raising this baby girl. This means I’ve never done baby pigtails and for the most part haven’t done any fun girly things. There were those times I convinced my boys to let me paint their toe black or dark blue, but still…doesn’t count if it’s not a girly color, right? What I did was get muddy and stinky and hold unspeakable slimy things in the name of motherhood. I think I’m due a little frill and fancy now.

These pigtails also mean more to me than I can really explain because before this little girl we lost a baby girl. My daughter has a big sister she has never met.

So you see why simple baby pigtails would be squeal-worthy for me, right?

I’m so grateful for River every single day, her brothers are over the moon for her and my husband is melted away on a daily basis by her magic. We are so incredibly blessed.

And pigtails are the first of many girlie things my darling and I will be doing together — I can’t wait!

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