Baby’s “First” Christmas

I realize that my child is more toddler than baby now and that since she is almost two that this wasn’t technically her “first Christmas”, but I’ve decided that I’m still going to consider this year her first Christmas. Here’s why…

Baby's "First" Christmas


Last year’s Christmas was anything but magical. I overhyped it and bought into all the pressure to do everything perfectly and in the end, I ended up being completely stressed out and didn’t enjoy the day at all. After the fact I felt terrible and like I had ruined Christmas for my then 11-month-old, but luckily kids have short memories and I was able to learn from my mistakes in order to make this Christmas a much better one.

Compared to last Christmas, this one definitely had more potential to be disastrous, with an unplanned kitchen remodel the week before Christmas, a trip to the ER and a variety of other unforeseen situations. But, in the end, I remembered that Christmas is about who you spend it with and not about your circumstances.

So regardless of presents and decorations and the fact that I had to get creative to make Christmas brunch without a sink, it was a truly wonderful day spent with people I love. It wasn’t perfect, but it definitely felt magical once I let go of my too high expectations. Watching my little one’s face as she unwrapped her presents and experiencing the pure joy that is a toddler at Christmas was the best and I’m already looking forward to next year’s celebration!

How was your Christmas? Did you start any new traditions or have any memories that stood out most?

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