Baby’s 2nd Christmas

There are so many things that I don’t ever want to forget. Like the magical season we just shared as a family. Despite our colds reemerging and runny noses filling our Christmas morning, our holiday was beautiful. It was my belief that Christmas would be even more special this year and it was.

I watched my baby unwrap paper as her sister sat attentively helping her. I seemingly danced amidst Christmas trees holding the hands of my babies and watched their eyes light up as we admired Christmas lights. We sang songs (Lola sings too we just can’t make out the words just yet) and giggled on our way to the North Pole while they wore matching Christmas jammies. We visited loved ones bearing gifts and delivered joy by partaking in acts of giving.


On Christmas morning some family members stopped by. They looked at our house, toys and wrapping paper sprinkled across the floor. At the smiling faces of two happy little ones. One well versed in the magic of Christmas and one quickly learning about it.

“This is how it is supposed to look,” our aunt said. “This is how their house is supposed to look.”  The dirty dishes in the sink (which included a plate from Santa’s eaten cookies), the clutter that covered the dining table and the piles of laundry evident if you glanced as you walked by the bedroom were of no importance. Our house was perfect. A true reflection of this time in our lives. A reminder of how blessed we are to have a chance to see Christmas morning through the eyes of our babies.

Days later our tree still remains. Toys still cover the floor and rolls of wrapping paper and twine have yet to be put away. In between errands and work we find ourselves immersed in what remains of the season. Eating those leftover gingerbread cookies, sitting beside the glow of Christmas lights and rejoicing in the true reason for the season.

I am grateful for the joy that fills our home as we journey through this season and into the new year. A joy that fills our hearts each and every day, yet somehow shines a little brighter even in the presence of runny noses, during what is the most wonderful time of the year.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from Baby’s 2nd Christmas (and Christmas Eve):

  • Baby's 2nd Christmas

    Baby's 2nd Christmas

    A few Instagram photos from Lola’s 2nd Christmas.

  • Christmas Eve Service

    Christmas Eve Service

    We decided to take a chance and head to church on Christmas Eve. Lola loved dancing and clapping to the Christmas songs. However, my favorite moment was when we sang “Silent Night.” The room was filled with glowing candles. Her eyes wide with wonder.

  • “Twinkle Toes”

    “Twinkle Toes”

    I have always wanted to take a picture of Lola sitting amongst twinkle lights. I love twinkle lights! I think she does too.

  • Unwrapping gifts

    Unwrapping gifts

    Unwrapping and opening gifts in their matching jammies.

  • Taking care of baby

    Taking care of baby

    Lola playing with her wooden stroller.

  • Sister Smiles

    Sister Smiles

    My two girls gazing at each other. A sweet moment that warms my heart.

  • A Family Photo

    Our family in front of my mom’s Christmas tree. The photo isn’t super clear but we are super happy :).

    You can see more photos from this season on my Instagram @hismrshermr


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