Baby Z’s Top 10 Words That Get Her Through the Day

With two older sisters, I was certain that Zaynab would be speaking volumes by the age of 1. My first two daughters are total chatterboxes! So when I saw that Z was slow to develop her vocabulary, I pretty much assumed because it was impossible for her to get any words in with her older sisters chatting up a storm all the time. We speak to our daughters in English and Arabic because we feel it’s important that they be raised bilingual. Even with two languages spoken at home, Baby Z still has a limited vocabulary. Besides this list of words, she mostly expresses “mmm” and “aah.” And yet somehow, I totally understand what she’s saying. Moms are famous for understanding Baby-speak!

  • Mama


    Every baby has a way of acknowledging their favorite person ever. Baby Z calls me “Mama.” And she says it 293,987 times a day.

  • Baba


    Z’s second favorite person? Daddy of course. He goes by “Baba.”

  • Mum-mum


    Her first request every morning right after snuggles with Mama and Baba? “Mum-mum,” of course. Better known to the rest of the world as “food.”

  • Na


    Only one letter off from the actual word, but the way she says it makes it crystal clear what she means. “Na” stands in for “no.”

  • Je-Je


    Ever since Zaynab was first born, her and my oldest daughter Jenin, have had a very special bond. She ditched our nickname of “Juju” for Jenin and calls her “Je-je.”

  • Cheese


    Go figure, the only word she actually says fully and correctly! “Cheese!” works perfect when I’m trying to get that perfect shot.

  • Eesh


    Somewhere along the way “feet” and “shoes” crossed paths to become this hybrid of a word that Z uses to describe both her feet and shoes.

  • Baby


    It cracks me up when she sees fellow babies and quickly points out “baby!” I guess she’s 1 going on 5.

  • Ba!


    Nope, not as in “ba, ba, black sheep.” “Ba” stands for “bad” and she’ll definitely let you know when she feels a situation is just that.

    She didn’t appreciate being splashed by the whales. Sorry, Z!

  • Nan-nan


    Closing off the day with sweet slumber. When I ask her if she’s ready for “nan-nan,” she’ll reply the a grunt “mm.”

    One day the floodgate of vocabulary will open and these words will be lost in their waves.

What are your baby’s top words?


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