Baby Z’s First Trip to the Wonderful World of Disneyland

Visiting Disneyland within a few months of my daughters’ first birthdays has become a bit of a tradition for our family. They’re young enough to get in for free and old enough to have a magical good time along with the rest of us. To celebrate my daughter’s fourth birthday and my new position as a Disney Baby blogger, we decided to head down to Southern California for a fun filled day in Disneyland! At 15 months, it was a wonderful time to introduce Zaynab to the Happiest Place on Earth!

  • Hello, Mickey!

    Hello, Mickey!

    Zaynab meets Mickey Mouse for the first time! It was so sweet that Mickey kneeled down to meet his newest little fan.

  • Uh-Oh


    By the looks of it, you can’t tell that Baby Z was terrified! Oh no! Zaynab was a good sport but decided she needed a little more time to get used to everyone’s favorite mouse.

  • With Mama

    With Mama

    Took a second attempt to get Baby Z to accept Mickey. Her face! “Watch it mouse!”

  • First Visit Button

    First Visit Button

    Every Disney fan, young and old, should scoop up the “1st Visit!” Disneyland button. They’re a great memento and such fun to wear during the day. You receive extra “hello”s and many smiles.

    Buttons are available for free at any product kiosk or at the register of stores.

    My other daughter got the birthday button while I sported my “I’m celebrating!” button.

  • Here Ducky-Ducky

    Here Ducky-Ducky

    In true baby fashion, Baby Z was enamored by the ducks waddling around the park. Do you blame her? They’re adorable! Can’t have a park without ducks.

  • Full Bloom

    Full Bloom

    We visited during the first week of April. Spring was in the air and the flowers were in full bloom! It was absolutely gorgeous. Colorful flowers were everywhere!

  • Flower Pickin'

    Flower Pickin'

    Zaynab wanted to climb fences to access the gorgeous blooms around the park.

  • Wait For Me!

    Wait For Me!

    Z wanted to hold Mickey and Walt Disney’s hand too! She loves holding hands.

  • Sisters!


    My oldest baby and my youngest. My second daughter embraced her inner Grumpy and refused to be in the shot.

  • Flowers Everywhere

    Flowers Everywhere

    I quickly discovered that Spring is my favorite time to visit Disneyland! The weather was pleasant, the crowds were manageable, and the blooms were magical!

  • First Ride

    First Ride

    Z’s first ride in Disneyland was the beautiful carousel that centers Fantasyland. She loved the colors and the mechanisms of the moving parts.

  • Dumbo!


    She loved, loved, loved the Dumbo ride! I rode with her so we couldn’t snap a great picture during the ride. No worries! Right behind the ride is a Dumbo photo opp area. Love the matching expressions on their faces!

  • Continuing the Tradition

    Continuing the Tradition

    My absolute favorite souvenir from Disneyland for my daughters are the hand cut silhouettes. Located on Main St., it’s a quick stop with a magical and sentimental take home. What makes it more special is that it’s the same women that has created the silhouettes for all three daughters!

  • Two Princesses

    Two Princesses

    Baby Z adored Snow White! The fish fountains and Snow White’s voice echoing in the wishing well also proved to be some of Zaynab’s favorite parts of the day.

  • Ready for the Ride

    Ready for the Ride

    Z’s older sisters each loved the Tea Cups when they were babies, so I knew she would take after them. She loved spinning around and around under the whimsical lanterns.

  • My Cup of Tea

    My Cup of Tea

    Don’t worry, the ride was at a complete stop! Such a fun background for a great memory from the day.

  • Real Disney Babies

    Real Disney Babies

    Hands down the most swoon worthy moment of the day went to the baby ducklings that waddled through the park. With a special escort to keep them safe, they found their way to Storybook Land waters. The site of the ducklings was so heartwarming.

  • I Spy

    I Spy

    I spy, with my little eye…Baby ducklings! Can you see them?

    Storybook land was the perfect place for these little duckies!

  • Nap Time

    Nap Time

    After a morning full of excitement and magic, it was time for a nap!

    This turned out to be the perfect time to try the Rider Switch Pass. While my sister took the girls to Autotopia, I stayed behind. Then we switched so I could ride with my girls!

  • She's All Ears

    She's All Ears

    The silhouette of the Minnie Mouse ears was too sweet not to capture. The bubbles produced outside of the Finding Nemo submarine provided a lot of fun for Zaynab. She loves bubbles!

  • What a Ride

    What a Ride

    Toon Town turned out to be just right for Z! I gave her free reign to do as she pleased. She ran, climbed, and giggled all the way through.

  • No One Puts Baby in a Corner

    No One Puts Baby in a Corner

    Unless of course, Baby puts herself in one. No, she’s not in time-out. She was so pleased to just stand there and take in the sites around her.

  • Goofy's Garden

    Goofy's Garden

    Soft surfaces and yummy looking surroundings made the garden outside of Goofy’s Playhouse a wonderful play area for Baby Z and her fellow mini sized friends.

  • Goofy Baby

    Goofy Baby

    Say “cheeeeeese”! Holding up the line for the slide to share a little goofiness with Mama.

  • Play a Tune

    Play a Tune

    Don’t expect you’re average notes from Goofy’s piano. Z enjoyed all of the whacky and silly sounds that came from hitting the keys.

  • Welcome to Mickey's House

    Welcome to Mickey's House

    She loved exploring Mickey’s house. We decided not to go all the way through since we met him at the beginning of our day.

  • Minnie's Guest

    Minnie's Guest

    Time to visit Minnie! Z loved all the cartoon-like furniture that she was free to climb on.

  • Getting Ready for Minnie

    Getting Ready for Minnie

    Making sure her hair looks just right in Minnie’s dressing room before her photo opp with Minnie!

  • What's Cookin' Good Lookin'

    What's Cookin' Good Lookin'

    Minnie’s kitchen was so much fun! All sorts of sites and sounds entertained Baby Z while we waited in line.

  • Hello, Minnie

    Hello, Minnie

    Meeting Minnie Mouse, but Z was still hesitant! The look on her face just screams, “I got my eye on you, mouse!”

    She’s since come around and has a soft place for Minnie Mouse.

  • Sit a While

    Sit a While

    After a good 10 minutes straight of climbing up and down this little ledge, she took a break to do a little people watching.

  • Small World, Big Magic

    Small World, Big Magic

    Our favorite ride! It’s a Small World is just about as magical as it gets. The gorgeous scenes, the song, the glitter! Oh my goodness, the glitter! Baby Z was enamored the entire time.

  • Goodbye, Small World

    Goodbye, Small World

    Beautiful postcards from around the world closed out our trip. Au revoir!

  • Time for the Parade

    Time for the Parade

    The parades at Disneyland are another big favorite of ours. Z was completely into it and dancing along, until… She saw Mickey! Then she turned right back around and ran to me!

  • Parade Dancers

    Parade Dancers

    The fun costumes and awesome dances enticed Z back to enjoy the parade with the rest of the park goers.

  • Rapunzel!


    I was excited to see the addition of Rapunzel. Baby Z waved to all of the human characters. She’s still warming up to the costumed ones.

  • Princesses


    My princess with the Disney princesses.

  • Parade Dancer

    Parade Dancer

    More fun costumes and colors to attract the eyes of the little ones. The parades make it so easy to dance along and have fun along the sidelines.

  • My Bloom

    My Bloom

    Another beautiful flower in full bloom. Pixie Hollow gave us fun floral backdrops for some magical pictures to treasure.

  • Come With Me!

    Come With Me!

    My little mini Minnie loved walking through the “grass” in Pixie Hollow.

  • Light Show

    Light Show

    I knew in order to secure a good spot for the fireworks show, we’d have to set ourselves down early. About an hour before the show started, we laid a blanket and took turns getting our end of the night treats — Hello, three scoop sundae in a waffle bowl.

    To keep Z entertained, I brought along several packs of glow sticks for her to play with before the fireworks began.

  • Fireworks!


    And the fireworks begin! Baby Z officially joined the “We Love Disneyland Fireworks” club at that moment. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the magic of the fireworks show.

  • Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After

    The most magical ending to a magical and wonder filled day. I was in awe of the fireworks show this year (and every other year)!

    Baby Z was wonderful the whole day. She played, napped, ate well, and really enjoyed herself.

  • Mom Duties

    Mom Duties

    Being the baby she is, our final stop for the night was at the Disneyland Baby Care Center. Diaper duty! Way more pleasant than a typical bathroom, it was fully equipped for all baby needs.

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