Baby Z and a Tray of Spaghetti

A running joke in my family is, if there’s food, you’ll find Baby Z.  When she was born she had the roundest and most red cheeks.  Forget “sweetie pie”, she was our “tomato face”. Her hearty appetite has helped make sure those cheeks always remained.  At each meal time, she happily consumes her meals quickly. On this particular day she made quite a mess. I couldn’t help but smile and grab my camera. There will come a time when she will outgrow the stage when pasta sauce up to your elbows and all over your face is cute. Savoring these moments as she savors her meals.

  • Good Laughs, Good Food

    Good Laughs, Good Food

    We both shared a laugh over a shared meal. Click through for some more cute images from this adorable messy moment.

  • Silly With Spaghetti

    Silly With Spaghetti

    She’s silly and messy and she knows it!

  • Tomato Cheeks

    Tomato Cheeks

    A nod back to her newborn days with tomato sauce covered cheeks.

  • Strike a Pose

    Strike a Pose

    Zaynab’s newest thing is pose with her head tilted whenever I aim a camera at her. It runs in the family since my second daughter used to do the same thing.

  • Details


    Chubby little fingers work on their pincer grasp.



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