One Big Messy Baby Meal

Oh it’s time!

It came around faster than I expected … my baby is starting on solids and IT’S GOING TO BE MESSY! The first thing my husband said was, “Oh, now the poop is going to be even smellier!”

We started her on cereal mixed with milk, and this week we have ventured into pureed fruits and veggies. Today Little L looked especially cute and she tasted sweet potatoes for the first time. She loved them! Couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste and it certainly showed. She and I both ended up covered in them! At one point she sprayed me, and then she needed a bath and I had to do laundry. We both ended up pretty messy, but I loved every moment of it!

  • Give me a spoon!

    Give me a spoon!

    She loves her spoon — already wants to feed herself!

  • What is this?

    What is this?

    Getting a taste of sweet potato. She liked it!

  • Sweet potato face

    Sweet potato face

    So good she’s wearing it!

  • I'm liking this!

    I'm liking this!

    “I can’t believe I didn’t try this sooner!”

  • I want more!

    I want more!

    “What do you mean there’s no more?!!”

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