BABY SPRINKLES! Everything You Wanted to Know About This New Mom Trend

A new trend in the baby community is the idea of a Baby Sprinkle. A Baby Sprinkle is basically a small baby shower to celebrate a 2nd or subsequent pregnancy. For years, the idea of a second baby shower was a tacky idea, and not something you’d find approved from an expert in etiquette. But, more and more moms are realizing that every baby is something to celebrate. Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about Baby Sprinkles…

My friend Bonnie just gave birth to her second baby, Asher. When she was pregnant with him, her sister in-law threw her a Baby Sprinkle. I asked Bonnie a few questions about this special celebration to get the low-down on this new mom trend…

Before you knew of the sprinkle, what was your opinion about baby showers for second babies?


I always felt like the customary thing to do was to have one shower and that was just for the first baby. I personally did not want to have another shower for baby #2 for a few reasons. First, we already have so many things to reuse from baby #1 that I wasn’t sure what I would want people to give us (I may have felt differently if baby 2 was a girl since most of our previous stuff was all for a boy). Secondly, people blessed us with so much and were so giving at our first shower that it seemed rude to ask people to give us more “stuff.” I didn’t want to come across as greedy.

What is a sprinkle exactly?

My sister-in-law approached me about having a “sprinkle” for baby #2. The vision was to not do a full on baby shower, but rather do something smaller (a sprinkle rather than a shower) to celebrate the new addition to our family. The focus was much more on getting together as a family, and much less on getting gifts. In fact, for our sprinkle I had my sister-in-law put on the invitation that in lieu of gifts people could bring books and toys to donate to a local organization that works with the homeless population in KC. In the end quite a few people did bring gifts for our new baby, but we were also able to gather a good donation of kid items.

How did guests know it was a “sprinkle” instead of a shower?

Here was part of the poem she put on the invitation:

Little babies are so much fun

Tom & Bonnie are having another one

Big brother Everett has plenty to share

This is only a ‘sprinkle’ to show that we care.

What kinds of things did you receive?

Since we asked for books to donate, many people brought books for our boys too! Most people brought a small something for the baby and for Everett. We also received some cute clothes, but like I mentioned earlier, we tried to keep the focus off of gifts.

  • The Sprinkle...

    The Sprinkle...

    Click through to see some of the details from Bonnie’s Baby Sprinkle!

  • The Invitation

    The Invitation

    I love how cute and simple these invitations are!

  • Sprinkled with Love

    Sprinkled with Love

    A special cake to celebrate a new baby!

  • A few snacks...

    A few snacks...

    Instead of a huge spread of food, light snacks & treats were served.

  • Candy as Decor

    Candy as Decor

    A simple and clever way to decorate for a fun event!

  • Yummy!


    I love the simple treats with sprinkles galore!

  • Congrats!


    Congrats to Tom & Bonnie on the birth of their new boy! Thanks for sharing your Baby Sprinkle here at Disney Baby!!!

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