Baby Shower Ideas For Second-Time Moms

I realize that it’s not in line with social etiquette to have a baby shower after the birth of your first child, since it can come across as gift-seeking. But I am a firm believer that every baby, whether it’s your first or your fifth, deserves to be celebrated! The celebration needn’t be about gifts either – it can be sweet and simple and all about celebrating the mama-to-be and her impending little bundle of joy. As such I’ve come up with a few fun ideas that just might be the ticket if you’re looking to plan a baby shower for a second time mama!

  • Plan a surprise brunch

    Plan a surprise brunch

    I planned a surprise brunch for a friend of mine when she was pregnant with her second little one and it was a smashing success. It didn’t feel like a “baby shower”, more like a low key celebration with friends. I made simple little favors for guests, but other than that it was super relaxed. We ate brunch at a nearby restaurant, so I didn’t have to worry food or anything other than enjoying brunch and celebrating my beautiful friend!

    See more tips for planning a surprise brunch here

  • Fitness + Coffee Date

    Fitness + Coffee Date

    If the mama-to-be in your life is the active type a fitness date could be the perfect way to have fun and celebrate her impending bundle. Take a group class together (I love taking Barre3 studio classes with a group of friends), and then head out for some coffee afterward. A great way to be active and have fun with friends!

  • DIY Night

    DIY Night

    Have mama-to-be and her friends over for a DIY night to make fun projects for the new baby or the new nursery! This DIY no-sew heart sweatshirt tutorial I did the other day would be super cute on tiny baby tees and bodysuits. You could also make mobiles, nursery artwork…the options are endless really!

    See DIY tutorial here

  • Have a girl's night out

    Have a girl's night out

    Celebrating a second time mom doesn’t have to be an elaborate affair. Something simple like dinner out with friends to celebrate her new adventure will be much appreciated. Time with just the girls doesn’t happen all that often after you have a little one, so it will definitely feel like a treat.

  • Host a

    Host a "Bring Your Favorite" fete

    If you’re looking to host a more traditional style baby shower for the second-time mom, why not make it a “Bring Your Favorite” fete? On the invites ask guests to bring their favorite baby gear items if they’re considering gifts – something the mama-to-be will find truly useful.

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