Baby Shower Idea: Vintage Backyard BBQ

When my husband and I first started thinking about a baby shower, we knew we wanted it to be a big family party instead of just for the ladies. We wanted everyone we loved to be able to attend and celebrate our baby girl.

We settled on a vintage backyard BBQ as the theme and let our imagination run wild with ideas. First up was designing and printing our invitations. Everything else seemed to fall into place after that. We used a lot of items that we found at thrift stores, and tried to keep it on the cheap side by making a lot of our decorations by hand.

It was a very special day for us, one that we will cherish forever!

  • Designing Shower Invites

    Designing Shower Invites

    We decided to design our own invitations to set the stage for the baby shower. We loved picking the theme of a vintage backyard bbq for the shower.

  • Shower Details

    Shower Details

    We used lots of glass vases from the thrift store to hold wild flowers. We also made lots of little handmade signs for an extra special touch.

  • Picnic Tables

    Picnic Tables

    On picnic tables scattered around the lawn, we decorated with old wooden boxes and shelled peanuts. We bought tons of glassware at thrift stores so we didn’t have to use any paper products.

  • Candy Table

    Candy Table

    Inside we had penny candy in jars and some cute “guess how many” games set up for people to win prizes.

  • Decorations


    Wildflowers and pinwheels were used as decoration around the shower. Simple yet cute!

  • More Details...

    More Details...

    Pretty wrapped presents and a handmade cupcake stand (just glue dowels between plates).

  • Food Table

    Food Table

    Cupcakes with flower details and chalkboard menus lined the food table.

  • Family and Friends

    Family and Friends

    Instead of just being for the ladies, we invited all of our most cherished friends and family.

  • Lawn Games

    Lawn Games

    Instead of regular shower games we played lawn games like tug-of-war, croquet and sack races.

  • Past Treasures

    Past Treasures

    To add a special touch to the decorations we used dresses from when I was little and pictures of the two of us as babies.

  • Mom and Dad to be

    Mom and Dad to be

    We made mustache cut outs out of wood to use as props for guests to take pictures with.

  • Photo Props

    Photo Props

    We asked each guest to take a picture with the mustaches. We were super lucky to have friends who even came dressed in vintage attire. So cute!


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