5 Fun Baby Shower Games for Men

All too often baby showers cater to women and the mom-to-be. But, I believe the dad-to-be should also be given some love!

It can be a lot of fun to include men in the baby shower festivities and have them participate in baby shower games. Of course, some games will be enjoyed more than others by the dad-to-be and his friends.

So, here are a few ideas for baby shower games for men you can use if planning a co-ed baby shower.


Baby Shower Games for Men

  • Diaper change competition: Get a few dolls, put diapers on them, and arm the men with fresh diapers and wipes. Have fun as the men compete to see who can change the diaper the fastest!
  • Toy build: Let a few of the guys assemble a baby toy and time them to see how long it takes. No pressure, Dad!
  • Kids’ TV show trivia: Dads need to be savvy about those kids’ shows their babies will eventually watch, so why not test out their knowledge? Put together a couple of trivia questions on current TV shows to see who knows the most!
  • Baby bottle drinking: Fill up a few baby bottles with juice and see who can drink the fastest! If you want to play a little prank, pierce one of the bottles with a super tiny hole to make it hard to drink from.
  • Pack the diaper bag: Test the men in the room on what baby essentials they’ll need for a day out with baby. Let them take turns packing a diaper bag and have the mom-to-be judge who did the best job!

What other baby shower games do you think men would have fun playing at a baby shower?

Photo source: Caitlin Regan/Flickr

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