Baby See. Baby Do.

Our little Lola has become quite the copycat. It is so funny watching her mirror the things we do. And everything is so much cuter when she does it. Her behavior is a reminder of the fact that my little one is always watching, even when I don’t realize it. It also speaks to the fact that children tend to model what they see. Perhaps a subtle reminder to always carry myself in a way that I know they would be proud of. Here are some of the things Lola is mimicking these days.

  • Brushing her hair – Hand her a brush, and she will start brushing her hair.
  • Talking on the phone – Lola loves talking on the phone.
  • Wearing a purse – I will never forget the day I saw Lola put her toy purse on her arm and pull it up over her shoulder. Clearly she had been watching me do the same with her diaper bag.
  • Claps her hands — If we start clapping, she will almost always join us.
  • Blows food – Even when I have allowed it to cool and have tasted it, I still have a habit of blowing on Lola’s food. If I blow on her food, she does the same.
  • Wipes face – Lola loves wiping her nose and her face. Now if I try to do it, that’s another story.
  • Raises her hands – In church during the time of praise, sometimes we will raise our hands. Oftentimes, so will Lola.
  • Dancing and singing (We can’t make out her words just yet, but they are to a tune!)
  • Wrinkles her nose
  • Snuggles with her baby dolls
  • Attempts to put on her shoes
  • Brushes her own teeth
  • Read – If you have a book and don’t give her yours, she will reach for her own.

These are a few of the things Lola loves to do right alongside daddy, big sister and me. Does your baby mimic you or anyone in your family?

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