Baby Nursery Inspiration: Frida Kahlo

I love nurseries. I love designing cozy little spaces that our children can grow into and love. These days, people are getting so creative when it comes to baby rooms. It’s no longer pink for girls and blue for boys. If you look on Pinterest, you will see an array of different themes, colors, styles — I love it. It got me thinking about what I would do if I had to design another nursery.

Frida Kahlo is one of the most famous Latina artists of all time. She is well-known for her use of vibrant colors and self-portraits. I think it’s important for Latino children to grow up learning about their culture and art — so this led me to digging around for some inspiration for a nursery based off of Frida’s work.


I started by looking for a bright red crib. I love this Jenny Lind style (both of my kids actually had a white Jenny Lind crib). It’s vintage and modern all at the same time.

I like the idea of decorating with red, fuchsia, and yellow pom-poms made out of tissue paper (an easy DIY) to represent the flowers that are prominent in many of Frida’s paintings.

Next up, I found this cute peg doll online and I thought how easy it would be to make this yourself. You can find so many tutorials on good ol’ Pinterest (seriously, what did we do before Pinterest?).

I love old globes, and I think it would be a lovely addition to this nursery. Frida traveled to many places and hailed from Mexico.

And finally, no Frida-inspired nursery would be complete without this fantastic children’s book all about Frida’s life. The illustrations in this book are absolutely beautiful.

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