Baby Name Trend Predictions for 2014: What’s New, Unique & Rising

Do you have a little one due in 2014? Still playing the name game? Here are the 44 names to watch with what we think will be some of the hottest baby names of 2014 with our six baby name trend predictions!

Using information from the Change In Name Popularity tool from Social Security Administration, we looked at some of the fastest rising names from 2011 to 2012 for themes and trends to give us a glimpse about what we might expect from baby names coming next year.

  • New, Unique and Rising Baby Names

    New, Unique and Rising Baby Names

    Looking at the change in popularity, as well as new, unique names that have come onto the scene, here are our six predictions for hot new baby names coming in 2014!

  • Baby Name Trend in 2014: The End of

    Baby Name Trend in 2014: The End of "-ayden"

    The era of the “-ayden” is finally on it’s way out (although boys’ name Aiden is still fighting) and now we welcome the new era of “-lyn” for girls’ names. The suffix “-lyn” has English roots meaning “lake” or “waterfall.”

  • <a href=Adelynn" />


    A sweet variant of Adeline, Adelynn is a French name that means “noble.”

  • <a href=Marilyn" />


    This classic name evokes the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe.

  • Raelynn


    This sweet girls’ name has jumped up 155 spots in popularity from 2011 to 2012. Variations include Raelyn and Braelyn.

  • <a href=Madilyn" />


    This is a lovely spelling variant of Madeline, a Hebrew name meaning “from Magdala.”

  • Baby Name Trend in 2014: Wild West and Southern Charm

    Baby Name Trend in 2014: Wild West and Southern Charm

    A number of boys’ names rising in popularity evoke strong imagery of the Wild West, of new frontiers, or some good ol’ fashioned Southern charm.

  • <a href=Major" />


    There’s something about this military-inspired boys’ name that evokes a strong Southern gentleman or Western cowboy. Whatever it is, Major has jumped a whopping 500+ spots in popularity in just one year!

  • <a href=Beau" />


    Short, sweet and full of Southern charm, this boy’s name evokes that of a true gentleman.

  • <a href=Maverick" />


    There’s nothing more independent or feisty than a Maverick and evokes the spirit of the Ol’ Wild West.

  • <a href=Sawyer" />


    An English boys’ name for “woodcutter,” this name evokes the wily titular character from the Mark Twain book, Tom Sawyer or even the Southern charmer and master of the long con, Sawyer from ABC’s LOST.

  • <a href=Knox" />


    If your little one is as precious as gold, Knox (like Fort Knox) is a perfect pick! This surprising new name has shot up 66 spots in the last year.

  • <a href=Lincoln" />


    This boys’ name is downright Presidential! Lincoln harks back to the Wild West time of our nation, at a time just before the big Gold Rush out west.

  • <a href=Remington" />


    This name totally pays tribute to American painter and sculptor, Frederick Remington, known for his art focused on Western culture.

  • Atticus


    Latin for “from Attica,” book nerds will love the tribute to the honorable Southern lawyer Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird.

  • <a href=Gunner" />


    Teutonic for “bold warrior,” Gunner is a name that automatically brings up images of a Wild West showdown in the middle of town at high noon.

  • <a href=Elias" />


    A Greek variant of the Hebrew name Elijah, this name just has the feel of a dusty old town in the days of cowboys and outlaws, of a frontier waiting to be explored.

  • <a href=Weston" />


    What’s more Western than a name like Weston?

  • <a href=Cyrus" />


    Persian for “sun”, there’s something about the name Cyrus that calls up images of a suave Southern charmer or a Wild West outlaw.

  • <a href=Jaxson" />


    The popular name Jackson gets a fresh update that still harkens to Southern-inspired routes (Jackson, Mississippi or Jacksonville, Florida) with a snappy nickname to boot: Jax.

  • Baby Name Trend in 2014: Naturally Lovely Girls' Names

    Baby Name Trend in 2014: Naturally Lovely Girls' Names

    While it seems like turn-of-the-century girls’ names were popular for a while, parents have begun to gravitate toward girls’ names with a vintage feel that are nature inspired.

  • <a href=Rosalie" />


    Italian for “rose,” Rosalie is a lovely name inspired by the flower with several great nickname possibilities, including Rosa, Rosie, or even Salie.

  • <a href=Ivy" />


    This lovely English name is short but sweet and reminds us of ivy climbing up a gorgeous garden trellis. This name has been made popular by Jay-Z and Beyonce’s daughter, Blue Ivy.

  • <a href=Luna" />


    Latin for “moon,” Luna inspires images of magical moonlit nights. It’s also the name of Harry Potter’s quirky friend and is the title of an absolutely adorable Disney Pixar short, La Luna.

  • Skylar


    An Anglicized version of a Dutch name meaning “scholar,” Skylar evokes the big beautiful sky above!

  • <a href=Rowan" />


    This Irish name refers to a red-haired child reminiscent of the Rowan tree, a tree with red flowers.

  • Baby Name Trend in 2014: Names Out of this World

    Baby Name Trend in 2014: Names Out of this World

    Thanks to popular sci-fi and fantasy TV shows, books and movies, a number of very non-traditional names have soared in popularity for both boys and girls in the past year.

  • <a href=Arya" />


    This name is Hindi for “noble goddess” and saw the largest jump in popularity from 2011 to 2012, rising up nearly 300 spots in rank for girls’ names. This popularity is probably due in part to the character of the wily noble girl, Arya Stark, from George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones fantasy novels and TV series.

  • Khaleesi


    This exotic girls’ name comes from the Game of Thrones fantasy series. In George R. R. Martin’s fantasy world, Khaleesi is the name of the wife of a ruler in the Dothraki race and is the title of the “Mother of Dragons,” Daenerys Targaryen – a powerful queen assembling an army to claim the throne.

  • <a href=Talia" />


    This exotic name has origins in Hebrew meaning “dew of Heaven” and is a shortened version of the name Natalia. Comic book fans may recognize the name from the daughter of Batman villain Ra’s al Ghul, and Bruce Wayne’s one-time fiery fling.

  • <a href=Haven" />


    The name Haven makes us think of somewhere safe, where we’re protected. Haven is also the name of a supernatural drama TV series, based on a Stephen King novel; the name has jumped up 140 spots in the last year.

  • <a href=Rory" />


    Gaelic for “ruddy,” this name may have risen in popularity in the States thanks to the long-running British sci-fi import, Doctor Who: Rory was one of the Eleventh Doctor’s time-traveling companions.

  • <a href=Gael" />


    A variant of Gale, this short boys’ name may have jumped over 260 spots for the number two fastest rising name from 2011 to 2012 in part to The Hunger Games science-fiction novels and movies.

  • <a href=Orion" />


    With its origins in Greek mythology as the famous archer and constellation, Orion is a lovely boys’ name evoking images of a starlit night sky.

  • Ryker


    German for “rich,” this name has zoomed up nearly 50 spots from 2011 to 2012. For sci-fi geeks, this striking name is a variant spelling of the dashing second-in-command, Lt. William Riker, from the popular space TV series and movies, Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  • Baby Name Trend in 2014: Kapow with

    Baby Name Trend in 2014: Kapow with "K" Names for Boys & Girls!

    There’s something about a name that begins with “K” – that hard “K” sound – that really packs a punch. (Believe me, I should know with a name like Keiko!) “K” variants of names that normally are spelled with a hard “C” have climbed in popularity in the last year for both boys and girls.

  • <a href=Kali" />


    This girls’ name has many origins and meanings, from “fierce” in Swahili to Greek for “rosebud.” It can also refer to the powerful Goddess of Destruction in Hindu mythology.

  • <a href=Kamila" />


    A snappy variant of Camila, this name channels the flower (Camellia) but can also mean “perfect” in Latin.

  • <a href=Kenzie" />


    A shortened version of Mackenzie, this Irish name meaning “fair one” is just a syllable shorter but packs more of a snazzy punch with it’s hard “K” sound to start.

  • <a href=Karter" />


    This is a punchy variant of the classic boys’ name, Carter.

  • <a href=Kasen" />


    This Danish name meaning “pure” has jumped up nearly 60 spots from 2011 to 2012.

  • <a href=King" />


    This regal name is a bold choice for a first name for your little prince!

  • <a href=Kendrick" />


    With origins in Welsh, Scottish and English, Kendrick is a powerful name meaning everything from “fearless leader” to “greatest champion.”

  • Baby Name Trend in 2014: -Ello World

    Baby Name Trend in 2014: -Ello World

    With a rise in popularity of girls’ names with “-elle” and “-ella”, 2014 will bring some updated takes on these already popular names with variant spellings.

  • <a href=Eloise" />


    A French variant of Louise, Eloise is a gentle name with an intense meaning: French for “renowned in battle.” It’s also the name of a very popular series of children’s books.

  • <a href=Arabella" />


    Latin for “answered prayer,” this “-elle” variant is still sweet and pretty but not as often heard as the more popular Isabella. This name has climbed up 92 spots in popularity in the past year.

  • <a href=Elisa" />


    Elisa is a gentle name, one of the many variants of Elisabeth, a Hebrew name meaning “G-d’s promise.”

  • <a href=Briella" />


    We love this sweet take on the ever-popular Ella with the simple addition of the prefix “Bri-.” This name has risen 123 spots from 2011 to 2012 and is an English name meaning “exalted beauty.”

  • <a href=Arielle" />


    Just two letters away from your favorite Little Mermaid, Arielle is a lovely French spelling of the Hebrew name meaning “lion of G-d.”

  • <a href=Elsie" />


    A sweet variant of Elsa, this German name means “noble” and has climbed the girls’ baby name charts 86 spots from 2011 to 2012.

And if you need more naming inspiration, try BabyZone’s baby name finder!

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