30 Baby Names That Have Jumped in Popularity

Last month, I shared the U.S. Social Security Administration’s list of the most popular baby names of 2012. There are a couple of new additions to the list and others that have held fast for years now. It’s an announcement that everyone gets excited about each and every year. Hot and breaking news in the baby industry.

That being said, Not everyone goes by that list.

There are quite a few parents who have dug into the baby name books, choosing names that aren’t as common. Funny thing is, many of those parents picked the same name! The Social Security Administration has also shared a list of 516 male names and 521 female names that have jumped the most in popularity rank. They’ve compared ranks for both 2011 and 2012 and those with the largest jump made the list.

I have to say, I’m loving so many of these names! Which are your favorite?

  • Major


    Major went through a well, major hike in popularity over the past year. It jumped 505 spots and is now sitting in the 483rd spot.

  • Arya


    Arya jumped 298 spots over the past year and many think it’s because of a couple of popular television shows where one of the main character’s names is Arya. Regardless, I think it’s a gorgeous name!

  • Gael


    Am I the only one that thinks this rise was due to the Hunger Games? Gael jumps 262 spots and now sits in at 146 on the 1000 most popular baby names.

  • Perla


    Perla jumped 191 spots and now ranks at 452 out of 1000 of the most popular U.S. girl’s names.

  • Jase


    Jase is actually a variant of Jason. It jumps 258 spots and now sits at 304.

  • Catalina


    Catalina is the Greek form of “Catherine” and has jumped 171 spots since last year. It now ranks in at 477 in the top 1000.

  • Messiah


    The “Annointed One”. Messiah jumps 246 spots and now ranks in the 387th spot.

  • Elisa


    Elisa is a name that has held its ground since the 1960’s. Just last year it jumped 168 spots and now ranks in at 366 on the top 1000 names for girls.

  • Brantley


    Originating in German, the name Brantley, has several different meanings. It jumps 163 spots, ranking at 158 for 2012.

  • Raelynn


    Raelynn is a variant of Rae and wasn’t too popular until just recently. Last year it jumped 155 spots and now ranks in at 341.

  • Iker


    Iker saw a huge jump in 2011 when it rose from 1319 to 750. It now sits in the 632rd spot rising 149 spots in 2012.

  • Rosalie


    Rosalie is of French origin and means “Rose Garden”. It has also jumped 141 spots over the last year and ranks in at 406.

  • King


    Definitely a strong name! King rises 133 spots and now sits at 256.

  • Haven


    The meaning of Haven is “Safe Place” and you can alternatively spell it Havyn if you wish. It jumped 140 spots over the past year and now ranks at 432.

  • Rory


    Rory is an Irish name meaning “Red King”. It rises 118 spots and now sits at 481.

  • Raelyn


    Interesting enough, the variant of Raelyn, Raelynn, appeared a few spots ahead of it. I think it’s safe to say, this name is definitely becoming a popular one! This one has jumped 136 spaces and now sits at 449.

  • Ari


    Ari is a unisex name meaning “Lion”. It’s become popular as a boy’s name recently rising 73 spots in 2012. The name ranks 435th out of the most popular 1000 names for boys.

  • Briella


    This is actually a shortened version of the name Gabriella. It jumped 123 spots and now ranks in at 375.

  • Maverick


    Meaning “wildly independent,” Maverick is an American name and rises 72 spots, sitting at 356.

  • Marliyn


    A popular name from the past makes a come back! Marilyn jumps 119 spots and now sits at 426.

  • Armani


    Fashion! Designer! Class! Armani rises 70 spots for 2012 and now sits at 432.

  • Adelynn


    This is a variant of Adelaide which is from Old German descent. The name has jumped 116 spots and now sits at 465.

  • Knox


    When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt named their son Knox we saw a rise in the name’s popularity. It jumps again 66 spots and now sits at 368.

  • Hanna


    Hanna was a very popular name in the ’90’s but slowly dropped after it reached its peak in 1997. It jumped 106 spots last year and now sits at 348.

  • Gianni


    I’ve heard this name numerous times in my own family. Gianni is the Italian version of Johnny. It jumps 66 spots and now sits at 449.

  • Ayla


    What a beautiful name! Ayla jumps 97 spots since 2011 and now sits at 250 in the 1000 most popular girl’s names.

  • Zayden


    Zayden is a unisex name but has recently become popular for boys.The name jumps 63 spots and now sits at 229.

  • Averie


    Averie jumps 96 spots from 2011 and now holds the 458th spot on the most popular list.

  • August


    You may think of the month when you think of August, but it is of English descent and means “Great”. The name rose 62 spots and now sits at 333.

  • Arabella


    This name is of Latin origin and means “prayerful”. It has jumped 92 spots and now sits in the 245th spot.

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